Forgot to carry the 1?

None of the Gospels claim that more than a few besides the disciples saw Jesus after the resurrection, but in I Cor. 15:6 Paul claims there were 500. Where did this number come from? Why is Paul the only one to report a number anywhere that large? And if that number is accurate, few seemed to be impressed, for at the first meeting after Jesus’ ascension, only 120 people showed up (including the disciples and Jesus’ relatives) Acts 1:15. Why did Jesus’ time on earth, his miracles preformed, his resurrection and ascension into heaven impress so few people. The Jews were longing for the Messiah and yet few followed Jesus. Strange how only after many multitude of years have passed and the stories can no longer be proven/disproven, that so many now choose to believe. But still not the Jews!


One Response to “Forgot to carry the 1?”

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