God hates the Naive

Gen 27, 28, 29, Jacob tricks his brother, Esau, into selling him his birthright and disguises himself in order to fool his father into blessing him and granting him this. As a result, and apparently also deceived, God comes to Jacob in a dream (of course dreams are never just dreams in the bible) and blesses Jacob and all his seed. Also an eventual result of Jacob’s deception, God states quite clearly that he hates Esau (Malachi 1:3, Romans 9:13)! Jacob later carries out a scheme to obtain an unfair share of his father-in-law’s livestock.


2 Responses to “God hates the Naive”

  1. Ya know I find this post Ironic considering that Genesis 30 is the story of Jacob having a son with Rachel’s maid, While genesis 27 tells the story that you are thinking of with the exception of the fact that It doesnt say God hated Esau forever, While genesis 29 tells the story of Jacob and his father in law Laban and has nothing to do with Jacob getting livestock it has to do with Jacob being tricked into marrying leah and then working more years to marry rachel… Please read the stories before you make up lies about them.David

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Thank you, David, for pointing out the errors in my post. I have corrected them (including the passage references for God’s hatred of Esau). Even though Jacob is one of the more popular characters in the bible, I find him rather vile and have difficulty respecting a god that would honor him.

    As for my site, it is still a work in progress. It is simply a place for me to communicate the many observations I’ve made while studying the bible. I chose a blog format not to have a back and forth with those who don’t agree with me (a futile exercise in frustration as no religionist can ‘convert’ an Atheist, or vise versa) but as an easy way for people to respond to what I know are controversial interpretations of the stories of the bible. I look forward to reading people’s comments but unfortunately don’t have the time to reply to many. Good luck in your faith. I was once a believer like you. Church every Sunday and years of private Christian school with daily bible study was only able to cloud my mind for so long. Studying the bible free of any pressure to come to a certain preconceived conclusion is a truly freeing experience. And, as it turns out, an awakening one.

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