Inexplicable behavior

In Luke 24:37 when Jesus rises from the dead and appears to the eleven apostles, they are terrified. Didn’t they know he would be returning? How little faith did they have in their own Messiah? Why so little preparation for his return? Most of Jesus’ followers just went back to life as normal or went into hiding. Lazarus’ return from the dead was met with more enthusiasm. Why do the disciples have such an insignificant reaction to Jesus’ resurrection and ascension? They seem relatively unimpressed by these incredible feats. They don’t tell anyone and aren’t tempted to tell anyone. Nobody gloats to the scribes and Pharisees. Nobody tells Jesus’ mother (!). Nobody celebrates. Nobody says, “I told you so!” They don’t assemble a crowd for the ascension. And if they really believe what Jesus said about his second coming is true and that it will happen in their lifetimes, why aren’t they hotfooting it to try and ‘save’ as many Jews from hell as they can? Don’t they have any friends, family or loved ones they would like to see get into heaven?


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