Injustice for all

Why would God punish us all so severely simply because an ancestor (Eve) took an apple from the wrong tree?


2 Responses to “Injustice for all”

  1. Boy you sure waste alot of time on “God”. Do you have any thoughts of your own or are they all just Quotes? “GOD” Never said that “He” was a “Religion” the word “Religion” comes from the Latin “REX” to align ones self with the “Ruler” Or to do something Over and Over and Over…. Ect.Ect. Prefix.RE: as in redundant. Basically you must dislike Jews because thats where the bible came from. The “Torah” or “Scroll”. You’ll never convince Me or anyone else of your “Doubts”….
    Deacon James Stratton

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Not trying to convince anyone, just trying to understand how people still believe such obvious nonsense, just as I once did. Please read my main page and it should clear things up.

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