Jews for Jesus!

Why did God do so little to ensure that his chosen people (the Jews) accepted Jesus as the Messiah? Why did God bother to send Jesus down to earth, have him be born from a virgin, do all that he did, being the self proclaimed Messiah and savior King of the Jews, destined to die for them, be resurrected and rise into heaven, only to be rejected by God’s chosen people (the Jews)? What a waste. But then there is always Jews for Jesus.


One Response to “Jews for Jesus!”

  1. Your question — “Why did God do so little to ensure that his chosen people (the Jews) accepted Jesus as the Messiah?” — is what started me down my path toward atheism. 🙂

    Easter Sunday. 1987. Sunday school class. I was thirteen.

    The youth pastor was talking about how Jesus fulfilled the Biblical prophecies. The church’s senior pastor was sitting in on the class, and there was an interesting discussion on the Old Testament prophecies and how the Pharisees didn’t see Jesus as the Messiah.

    Naturally, I had a question.

    “If it’s evident to us that Jesus fulfills the prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel about the Messiah, why wouldn’t it have been evident to the Pharisees? They were much closer in time to when the prophecies were made than we are, and they would have been trained their entire lives to look for the Messiah. Yet, they have the Messiah in their midst, and they don’t see him. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

    The youth pastor deferred the question, after admitting that it was a good question. The senior pastor took a stab at answering.

    And his answer boiled down to, Jesus wasn’t the person the Pharisees — and by extension, the Jews — were looking for. He wasn’t a military commander who was going to liberate them from Roman rule and establish a new Israel. The Jews believing the Messiah would establish an Earthly kingdom, while the prophecies were clearly about a heavenly kingdom.

    Which could be entirely true. But I couldn’t shake the idea that if the Jews couldn’t see Jesus as the Messiah — and they were looking for a Messiah — then there was a good chance that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah.

    And that started me down the path to atheism. Thank you, pastor! 😆

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