Missionaries: The Devil’s Disciples

Are all who are naïve of Jesus’ existence doomed to burn in eternal hellfire? If yes, then God is a demon and unworthy of worship by anyone who would call themselves good. HOWEVER, if God is indeed a merciful God, then those that are naïve of Jesus’ existence will not be punished for their innocent ignorance and will be granted entrance into heaven. If the later is the case, however, then wouldn’t the people of the world be better served by missionaries not coming to their lands? One minute the tribesman has a free pass to heaven from a good and merciful God, the next a missionary arrives and tells him to stop worshiping his god and worship Christ. The tribesman, not understanding, or not trusting this pale faced foreigner decides to continue worshiping as he and his people have for countless generations. The next day a jaguar attacks the tribesman and kills him. Fastpass to HELL for the tribesman. The very introduction of the missionary into their tribe dooms them. Thanks God! Thanks do-gooder Christians!

3 Responses to “Missionaries: The Devil’s Disciples”

  1. I asked the same question…. see comment #31:

    Let me know if you want my thoughts….

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    I read your comment, Nicole, but I didn’t really understand it. Could you reread my post and restate your comment. Thanks

  3. give me a couple days – it’s going to take me a bit of time to reply to your post on Jeromy’s blog.

    suffice it to say for now – I have had a few conversations with non-Christians this week, and I know I confused all three with my religious jargon… it’s not intentional – I just really have to rethink how I talk – I forget that what I am saying really does not make sense to anyone else but other Christians….

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