My god’s stronger than your god!

Are the Christian god, God, and the Muslim god, Allah, the same? If not, Allah is clearly the more powerful of the two. Consider that pre 7th century, the Byzantines and the Persians had been in a never ending battle for a good twenty years. Their forces were so exhausted and depleted that when the Arabs made their move, they couldn’t put up much of a fight and the Arabs ended up taking Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and North Africa from the Byzantines and overran all of Persia. Clearly the Almighty Allah made the infidels weaken each other to make it easier for his chosen people to conquer their lands. Does this prove that the Islamic religion is the true religion? How do you prove otherwise?


One Response to “My god’s stronger than your god!”

  1. in the first place, it is a stupid idea to judge the strength of a god by the power of the nations under which the god’s followers live under. but if you do take that to be a valid way of judging the comparative strengths of gods, then yahweh is clearly far more powerful. look at the power of the britain, germany, united states, russia, etc. they are far more powerful than any of the powerful caliphates at their heights. soon the god of yin and yang, dao will be the most powerful god of all

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