Only the loner is welcome

Are only hermits welcome in heaven? Matt 19:29“And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my names sake, shall receive an hundred fold and shall inherit everlasting life.”


2 Responses to “Only the loner is welcome”

  1. This is a blog after my own heart. I’ll be back often. Just one comment. Correct Matt. 19:29 to read . . . And everyone that hath forsaken horses to. . . houses.
    I’d like to add that it was by reading the Bible that I became an atheist. Mary from Meander With Me

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Mary (I corrected the horses for houses error). I hope you do return to check out my other posts. This is my first blog site, created for the purpose of displaying the many observations/responses I’ve made/had over the years as a result of truly studying the bible. I say ‘truly’ as opposed to the selective, soft-ball type of bible study I sat through in my many years of private Christian schooling. It’s odd how I used to find the stories of Noah and the Ark, Lot and his wife (and daughters), Job, the tower of Babel, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, David and Goliath (and pretty much every other story concerning David), Solomon, Jacob, Moses, Paul, Jesus etc. so wonderful, so inspiring, so entertaining. Now I understand how the Nazis, who passionately supported Hitler and his plans, must have felt when the scales were finally removed from their eyes. How can one read the story of Job and not be sickened? How can one read the story of Noah and the Ark and not be struck by the absolute absurdity of what is being depicted there?

    My hope is this blog will be another beacon in the darkness for those of us who find our minds no longer clouded by superstitions. In a world where there are thousands of different religions (and hundreds of different gods), with more being invented every day, it’s easy to feel alone and isolated if you’re part of the (rapidly growing) minority who don’t use willful ignorance to comfort their fears of death and the unknown (the main reason all religions are created in the first place, in my opinion). Sadly, blogs such as this one inevitably become a beacon to those religionists who are only capable of knee jerk responses (such as whitemanOoO) and don’t appear to really have any answers for me.

    I’m in no way trying to ‘convert’ those of faith into Atheists. I don’t believe such a thing is actually possible. I think you must come to these conclusions entirely on your own. But I do welcome religionists (not just Christians) to visit my site in the hopes they will read my posts and enlighten me on how they can read and observe what I have and still believe what they do.

    I’ll be adding a link to your post –Come, Let Us Reason Together- (I hope that’s ok) to my site. If you have any other sites/posts to recommend, please do.

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