The Big Question

Why did God create the earth (and everything else for that matter)? Especially if this all knowing deity knew what an abysmal failure it would turn out to be? And this wasn’t even his first failure; remember the Angel rebellion? And God’s casting out of these Angels allowed Satan to be in the Garden of Eden to tempt an innocent/naive Eve, which resulted in the downfall of mankind. Oops! Fumble!


2 Responses to “The Big Question”

  1. God does everything He does to display His glory to the utmost.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    I’m sorry, Nicole, but this is a pitiful explanation. Your god is only concerned with his own glory? Really? That’s your defense? Could there be a more offensive description of a god than that? And you want me to worship such a being? I’m sorry, such a god only deserves my contempt.

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