You sure you don’t want to rethink the whole procreate thing?

Why do so few of God’s creation (humanity) believe in him? Isn’t that a terrible failure on God’s part considering that all the non-believers are doomed to hell? Why has God allowed so many thousands of gods to be invented and worshiped by his creation? Why aren’t we all naturally inclined to know of and believe in our ‘creator’?

5 Responses to “You sure you don’t want to rethink the whole procreate thing?”

  1. Well considering as how God gave us FREE WILL to do as we wish in this life, It stands to be assumed that there were some who knew of God and still rejected him and created other Gods that fit their lifestyle and didnt judge. And just throwing this out there but almost 2.8 billion people isnt really so few of Gods creation.David

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    I’m sorry, David, but your Free Will argument holds about as much water as a sieve. If a people are introduced to the Christian God and his teachings and they CHOOSE not to believe, that is their God given free will at work and, I suppose their eternity in hellfire is a deserved one. The problem is your God DID NOT make himself known to all of the world’s people. As a result they worshiped a multitude of gods, never even knowing of this Christian one. The fact that all of these people are doomed to an eternity of torture isn’t a result of them not choosing to worship your god, but the actions of a vile, heartless, merciless god who makes it a habit of punishing the ignorant and naive.

    Also, please refrain from spitting out meaningless numbers like 2.8 billion Christians. I could find a hundred different references, each listing a different number for the world’s population of Christians. All these numbers are meaningless when you consider there are over eighty-five different Christian Denominations, very few of which agree that those who belong to the other faiths will be joining them in heaven. And even if your number WAS accurate, only a third of all of humanity believing in the same god as you is hardly something to brag about.

  3. How did God not make himself known to the world? Lets think about this. Adam and Eve, they make Cain and Abel and other daughters and Sons. Adam and Eve knew about God so they told their children, and so forth and so on. Hence we Come to the idea of free will. People chose not to accept what they were taught, that is no fault of God, it is the fault of those that desire to find truth in their own lives rather than looking to some other source of accountability.David

  4. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    David, your view of the world seems willfully narrow. Clearly I’m not referring to the bible’s isolated collection of people but the entire worlds. The Aztecs did not know of your god. The various Amazonian tribes didn’t know of your god. The Native Americans didn’t know of your god. I could go on and on and on and on. All of the millions of people who God NEVER introduced himself to, who never met a Christian, are burning in eternal hellfire according to your beliefs. True or not?

  5. That is true but your parameters of that question are a little off. While they may not have known about God it is instinctive in man to search for something greater than themselves, and while it is indeed the fault of man for the word of God not being spread to the world then I dont see how this makes God the bad guy. For instance you have adam and eve together with an intimate knowledge of God that they spread to their children and so forth and so on, so at some point in this chain someone decided that they did not want to belive in this God, so they made their own, this would have proceeded down that chain of command and would make a society devoid of God. I hope this answers your question.!)avid.

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