How conveeeeeeenient

Malachi’s prophecy that told of the arrival of the Messiah clearly states that Elias (Elijah) would return before the Messiah does. When Jesus is confronted with this fact he states that Elias did come … but no one noticed. Matt 17:12. Simple enough! I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it. It’s not like he could have an ulterior motive or anything. He even tries to pass off the identity of Elias onto John the Baptist to help cement him as the Messiah but John denies that he is Elias. John 1:20, 21.


2 Responses to “How conveeeeeeenient”

  1. John the Baptist, being a mere man such as we, was not aware that he was Elias. Jesus, being God Incarnate, knew the truth of it.

    Now, you can claim that Jesus had an ulterior motive in stating this as the case. Just as I can claim that He wanted to clear the matter up since John himself was unaware of this fact and had denied it in ignorance.

    I can also challenge you. Jesus claimed that he would rise from the dead and did. He had an ulterior motive for this, to prove his claims. Which he did.

    Yet here you are with a handful of tiny, trivial objections which you claim to be reasons for rejecting Christianity. You’ve lost sight of the forest for the trees. If he rose again as he said he would, you’ve got bigger things to answer for.

    How do you take the Resurection, the very lynchpin of Christendom? Surely, in your nitpickery you’ve taken the time to address the BIGGEST QUESTION OF ALL. After all, intellectual integrity would demand that you have investigated the single most important claim of Christianity.

    Here’s some food for thought:

    –Sirius Knott

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:


    Jesus claimed he would rise from the dead and he did. Very true. IF you believe in the legitimacy of the bible as it is the ONLY source to support this story. And I don’t have a ‘handful of tiny, trivial objections’ to the Christian religion and the Christian God but hundreds and hundreds of pointed, important objections, observations and questions. I understand that you don’t like what I have cataloged on my site but considering that your primary support for your belief is “because the bible tells me so”, please understand if I have difficulty respecting your ‘intellectual integrity’.

    And your ‘food for thought’ link left me feeling very malnourished.


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