Make room for the Gentile ‘dogs’

The bible makes it very clear that only the Jews are the chosen people, Jesus even calls Gentiles “dogs”. But in Romans 2:10 it says God will give “glory, honor and peace to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.” So the Gentile is welcome, but needs to know their place (beneath the Jew).


3 Responses to “Make room for the Gentile ‘dogs’”

  1. Where does it make it clear that Jews are the only chosen people. And can you define chosen? Also, how does Romans 2:10 show that the Gentile is beneath the Jew? I would appreciate a little clarity so that I can respond.



  2. Please don’t pretend that the bible doesn’t depict the Jew as God’s chosen people. And I’m sorry, Michael, but putting one before another is showing favoritism. If a parent always allowed one child to choose where they wanted to sit in the car first, every time, this would be favoritism over the other child(ren). The ENTIRE reason Joseph Smith made up his story about God speaking to him and giving him the NEW bible, one that Americanized Christianity, was because the bible was focused on a people and a part of the world so separate from him and his. It’s understandable, though still pathetic.


  3. I never said the Jews were not God’s chosen people. That is abundantly clear. My question was where does it say they are the ONLY ones ever chosen.

    Again, it would help for your definition of chosen.

    God chose Abraham, and by extension, his descendants (the Israelites), to represent Him on earth to all the nations that others might be blessed through a relationship with God. He used one group of people: the Israelites to provide a way (ultimately through Jesus) to have a relationship with God. The OT is quite clear that God desires other peoples to come into relationship with Him.

    Yes, when Jesus came, His desire was that God’s people, the Jews, would finally turn to God and accept Him. Never was the plan to exclude others. For the Jews, though, Jesus offered a chance for them to truly be the light to other nations that they were supposed to be. Since most refused, he used a small group of men (Jews) to begin the church, which did, not without fits and starts, reach out to all peoples and is still doing so today. So, yes, in one sense, God favors the Jews, as in first offer to accept Jesus, but it is never to the exclusion of others. I, personally, am thankful for the offer, first, last, middle.

    As far as where children sit in the car: still thinking through this, maybe not a good analogy but here goes. I am sure there are holes, but it is a start.
    My children always sit in the same place, the oldest getting in first, for safety and room reasons (one in a car seat). The middle child sometimes complains: “Why does she always have to get in first?” Yet when the middle one did get in first once, and rode in the middle, she complained about being cramped and uncomfortable. Her parents really did know best. God is that way. I sometimes am that middle child, not sure why things are set up the way they are, but they work.

    Thanks for the conversation,


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