Where did the New Testament come from?

No one can do more than guess as to how the New Testament evolved. It has been suggested that the leaders of the new cult became exercised when one of its factions contemplated the compilation of such a book, and decided that they themselves would collect the various pamphlets, letters, and gospels that were already circulating about what Jesus was purported to have said and done and about how the disciples responded to his teaching and death, for an official Church record of their own. Finally, about 400 years after Jesus’ birth, those who had been named bishops of the growing sect voted to decide what of the material would be designated as canonical. There were 318 of these bishops, each one apparently infallible. The book of Luke made it by only one vote. Without Luke there would be no Jesus in the manger, no swaddling clothes, no abiding in the fields, no shepherds watching their flocks by night, no heavenly host singing Glory to God in the highest.


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