Why can’t anyone agree on such an amazing event?

Matthew, Mark and Luke mention the following events at the crucifixion: the veil of the temple being rent and it becoming dark from the sixth to the ninth hour, however only Matthew mentions that there was an earthquake, and the graves opened and bodies of the saints arose and went into Jerusalem, appearing to many (so beating Jesus to the resurrection). Only John speaks of Jesus’ side being pierced.


3 Responses to “Why can’t anyone agree on such an amazing event?”

  1. How do they disagree? Matthew also says that the veil was ‘rent’. He mentioned the earthquake, but the others don’t say there WASN”T an earthquake. So really they are not disagreeing.

    John wrote his gospel later than the other apostles, to clarify things. Does this make them in disagreement? No, it is just that they each wrote what they saw and experienced, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. A disagreement is where they are arguing that their ‘side’ or opinion is correct as opposed to anothers.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    He also didn’t mention the six dragons dancing the two step around the cross. But if such a strange event occurred and the person who claimed to have been there failed to make a note of it, I’d say that would be a wee bit suspicious.

    Also, your definition of disagreement is way off.
    dis•a•gree•ment (dĭsə-grē’mənt)
    1. A failure or refusal to agree.
    2. A disparity; an inconsistency.
    a. A conflict or difference of opinion.
    b. A quarrel.

    I’m sorry, but when four different people describe the same incredible event so inconsistently, it brings the legitimacy off all of their stories into question.

    If four people witnessed your birth and one said labor was 14 hours and you were born by C-section, but another said it was 14 hours and a natural birth, and one of the others said it was 8 hours and a water birth, and the last said your mother gave birth to a boy in the cab on the way to the hospital, would you believe they were all telling the truth?

  3. Sketching a prophet... Says:

    Yes, because they’re all *interpretations* y’know.

    Most refreshing blog. It helps to have someone know your enemy to fight him with better weapons.

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