Why doesn’t the math in the bible EVER add up?

According to Matthew there were 63 generations between Adam and Jesus. How can this be if men such as Adam (930 years) and Methuselah (969 years) lived so long? And did any women live that long? If not, why not? Is that why men had so many wives and concubines?


2 Responses to “Why doesn’t the math in the bible EVER add up?”

  1. Wow, you must really not have anyone to talk to, have you tried Jesus yet. In those days men lived for so long because they didn’t have what we have today. Don’t you know that you start dying the minute you come into this world. You are reading the word with a carnal mind, Jesus is a Spirit and unless you are delivered from your generational curses, you will never see the Kingdom of God, nor will you ever get understanding to the word of God. Not everyone born into this world is born of Jesus, my friend, you need to find out if you where hanging on the tree of Life (Jesus) or the tree of knowledge (Lucifer). Try reading my webpage sometime, believe you me you will find out very quickly what all those numbers mean

  2. Heyyyyyyyyyyy, if you follow the flow of ages that people lived to thru the bible you will notice that it drops drastically after Adam, and that Methusala living to be that age would have been fairly shocking even with people living to be in the 600’s. Now lets back track. In the garden Adam sinned and a curse was placed upon man that we would die. Now a curse was also placed upon the earth at this point this is where we see things like briars and such enter. Life keeps going and we see the tower of babel, man gets split up into its tribes and such. The flood. The face of the earth is drastically altered, and the lifespan drops incredibly from around 600 to around 200. Periodic wars and disease take their toll and eventually we have the expectancy down to about 70 or so for modern times. So as the curse on man has grown so has the curse on our environment. !)avid

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