Why are religionists so afraid of scrutiny?

Don’t ever ask questions. The bible commands to ‘avoid foolish questions’. Why do religions always discourage scrutiny? Nothing real and true has anything to fear from being scrutinized.

4 Responses to “Why are religionists so afraid of scrutiny?”

  1. The bible commands that you avoid “petty and derisive conversation” meaning dont get into an argument about the bible with someone who has already made up in their mind that it isnt true and wont listen to a word you say.David

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    I assume you mean like yourself? Remember, I was a church going, private Christian school attending believer for many years before I had the scales lifted from my eyes. When I was a seventeen year-old kid, like yourself, I was a Senior at Cascade Christian Highschool, and a true believer. And yes, I was as closed minded as you are now. Luckily I started asking ‘Foolish Questions’ (Titus 3:9), and the answers pushed the clouds from my mind and set me free.

  3. Wow thank you for lumping me in with all of the ignorant closed minded xians that i am already forced to spnd time with. However I too ask questions about my faith and about what I believe and by asking those questions i gain more knowledge about what I believe and i see more of the holes in the “logic” of athiesm.David

  4. Here`s another tactic I see used: someone has an entire site of refutations, and then Christian soldier comes and says he sees many holes in the logic of atheism without providing any – or even a link to any.

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