Incest is the Best

There are nineteen specific cases of incest in the bible, not counting necessary shenanigans of Cain and Seth and starting with Abraham’s marriage to his half sister Sarai. David’s son, Amnon, pretends to be ill so his sister, Tamar, will tend to him and he can make a move on her. And this is following the advice of a friend (II Sam. 13). And don’t forget that Lot’s two virgin daughters get him drunk in order to have sex with him in order to produce an heir. Gen 19:32, 36 “Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.” This is neither punished nor even referred to in a disapproving manner. Gen. 38 describes the events of Judah’s daughter in law Tamar, who pretends to be a harlot to have sex with him. She conceives twins.


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