Most Ridiculous Story Ever

God tells a seer named Balaam to go join the king of Moab. Balaam hops onto his faithful donkey and heads out, eager to obey a command from the Almighty. During Balaam’s journey God changes his mind. But for some reason he doesn’t speak to Balaam to inform him of this fact. Instead, an Angel is sent down to stop Balaam from reaching Moab. The Angel stands in Balaam’s path but does not make itself visible to Balaam. The Angel is going to slay Balaam if he continues (!). The donkey, however, can see the Angel and refuses to continue. Balaam, angry at the stubborn animal, begins to beat the donkey to get it to move. At this point God decides to begin talking to Balaam again, only he decides to speak through the donkey. Cause God’s so silly that way. Balaam, not understanding it is God he is actually speaking to, has a conversation with his donkey. Because that’s normal. Finally God reveals the Angel blocking Balaam’s path. And after all this, God sends Balaam to continue on to Moab anyway. Num. 22:13-36. This is one of the most inexplicable stories in the bible.

One Response to “Most Ridiculous Story Ever”

  1. If you’re truly seeking, here is a great understanding of Balaam that not only explains it but demonstrates it’s importance.

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