So Why Do Christians Only Believe In One God?

Clearly the writers of the bible believed in other magics and other gods actually existing as throughout the bible are soothsayers, seers, wizards, witches, prophets, false prophets, diviners, sorcerers, necromancers, sons of prophets who make predictions using musical instruments and animal entrails, people who cast lots to determine choice and guilt, etc. Don’t forget Pharaoh’s own wise men and sorcerers turned their rods into serpents too.


2 Responses to “So Why Do Christians Only Believe In One God?”

  1. Your confusion stems from your definition of God. The writers of the Bible did believe in many gods in the sense they believed in many supernatural beings with free will authority in making their own decisions. The “One God” omniscient, omnipotent comes out of Greek philosophy around the time of Constantine and Augustine. Love exists in both the supernatural and the natural which means the choice for the opposite must also be possible. C.S. Lewis mentions this in one of his books when he shares his belief that Christianity is closer to dualism than most people like to admit.

  2. But that just shows a striking inconsistency between pre-medieval Christianity and Judaism and the modern version. Basically the people who WROTE the bible believed something different than Christians today who are interpreting it to fit their own lives.

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