Where Do I Sign Up?

Human beings are warned to judge no one, cast no stones (unless it is to kill your slut daughter or stubborn son), love thy neighbors as themselves, forgive totally, and exact no retribution. Yet the same God actually keeps score and looks (with what sometimes seems to be relish) to a final day of reckoning when all his enemies shall meet with their just deserts. And he grants forgiveness during human lifetime only if it is begged for.


One Response to “Where Do I Sign Up?”

  1. Do you doubt God or yourself? It is all true, but only partly. Actually, we can have it both ways. We are told to not judge others and to judge others by their fruit of their lives. Of course, condemning others for sins no greater than the one blinding our vision of ourselves is a real problem. The law commands to cas stones at uncontrollable children while at the same time Jesus-like justice would not allow law-breakers to casts against an adulteress caught in the act. It is terrible to live in a human society were laws and police and courts and judges judge and punish law-breakers (enemies of the state) for breaking them. It is really terrible to live in a universe where God is expected to do the same for breaking the moral laws eventually–and, to God doesn’t get paid well for it either. You are right God forgives those who beg for mercy and those people always receive it. How often do human courts and judges forgive the crimes of lawbreakers who beg for the mercy of our courts? I don’t know of any who would give their child to take the punishment of evil lawbreakers nor die for them because of love and the eternal desire to forgive and restore them to right living and right relationship in a moral universe.

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