God Rewards Those Who Kill The Best

Nice Work! A man murders the son of an Israelite prince and a Midianite (Gentile) princess by ramming a Javelin through them. God is very pleased by this, declaring, “Behold I give unto him my covenant of peace … because he was zealous for his God.” Num 25:8, 13


One Response to “God Rewards Those Who Kill The Best”

  1. i am the son Says:

    Hi Thomas

    I do agree with your thoughts and opinions. The only differnce we have is our conclusion, no matter, as we are still on this journey of life and we may change, either one of us..

    I respect your choice of Aethism and understand it.

    I still believe in a God, but not the Lord of Hosts variety.

    I thank you for your kind words and visit to my site.



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