Golden Images of Your Genital Boils?

To punish those who captured the Ark of the Covenant, God curses them with boils (emerods) “They had emerods in their secret parts.” And not only them but the inhabitants of any city where they take the Ark. And is only appeased when they make offerings to him of golden images of their emerods (and golden mice). Who in his right mind would worship such a god? God is one twisted fuck. I Sam. 5, 6.


One Response to “Golden Images of Your Genital Boils?”

  1. At least I’ve finished my breakfast, but thanks for trying to encourage the ancient art of spewing out, without being near a Shakespearian stage. At least I know how to explain some things to my JW relatives, like the reason why a jumbo-jet was flying low over America a few days ago, without scarring them for life and giving them a new phobia (as if they need more!).

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