Great Guy, Horrible Father

When the men of Sodom demand Lot send out two angels they believe he is housing (because that was such a common occurrence back then), Lot refuses (so brave) but does offer the men his two virgin daughters instead. Are these the same daughters that sleep with their loving father after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Gen 19:8 “Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes….” Remember, this is the Lot who is later deemed by God as the only man worthy of sparing the horrors that are soon to befall the populace of Sodom and Gomorrah.

11 Responses to “Great Guy, Horrible Father”

  1. First, the people thought the angels were men.
    Second, where does it say that what Lot did was good or pleasing to God? It doesn’t. Lot being righteous does not mean he did not sin or do evil things. If you have truly studied the Bible you will remember that Abraham’s belief is what made him righteous.

  2. So, the townspeople believed the “angels” to have been men. So what? If angels, and Lot knew that, he also knew they were in no danger. If he believed them to be mere human beings to be protected at all costs, he would have offered himself to the mob rather than his virgin daughters, that is if he were anykind of a respectable human being and a father.

  3. Mary:
    Your looking at this through Modern and Western eyes. The actions Lot was displaying was common mannerism’s of the Middle East, especially of that time period. A guest under someones house was treated better then family members.

  4. brooksrobinson,

    Was it also “common” for daughters to sleep with their fathers?

    Clearly this isn’t the only depiction of vile behavior by God’s favorites revealed in the bible. If it was/is common Middle Eastern behavior to stone one’s daughter to death because she was raped by a neighbor how does this make it acceptable? Because YOUR god says it’s cool? Apologizing for Lot’s behavior is one thing, excusing it is quite another.


  5. Doubting Thomas:

    God chose to reveal himself to man. Man is imperfect, therefore your going to get some characters. That is why we all need a savior. Also his daughters were never raped. The angels stepped in and blinded the crowd, so your clinging on what if’s. So God obviously did not excuse it. I was not apologizing for Lots behavior, but merely explaining how the Middle East in general treats guest’s that come under their house hold. I was also not excusing it, since the Bible deals with real people, on planet earth, in the ancient Middle East, your going to find customs from that time period. Just because its in the Bible does not mean its excused by God. Its those sorts of comments that make me wonder what you were actually doing during your time of religion.

  6. Brooksrobinson: I’ve heard it before: God reveals himself to men. Man is imperfect. Mankind needed a savior, but when I got to the words, ‘also, his daughters were never raped’, I stopped dead. So what if they weren’t? Lot surely didn’t know that when he offered his daughers for a night of raping. So what if it was the custom at the time, and within Lot’s right, to throw his daughters to a howling group of would-be rapists? And, I’d like to read the “bible” you must have read to allow you to claim that God did not excuse Lot’s horrible deed. It’s not in the King James Version I’ve read.

  7. Mary:

    Lot doesn’t have to know that, I gave the answer, he responded to the customary actions of his day. God clearly did not allow it, he blinded the crowd without Lots daughters being harmed.

  8. “Lot responded to the customary actions of the day”. Yes, thats true, but the “custom” was but another of God’s many commandments to his people. So, if God blinded the men bent on raping Lot’s guests, God is contradicting himself. Those who committed Incest were to be put to death. Lot and his daughters committed incest. No punishment for either Lot or his daughters. Another contradiction.

  9. Oh, yes. “That is the reason we all need a savior”. I’d like to get to that later, but perhaps from my own blog? Any time.

  10. “Those who committed Incest were to be put to death. Lot and his daughters committed incest. No punishment for either Lot or his daughters. Another contradiction.”

    The Law did not exist during Lots time. So he did not violate God’s command. Also his daughters tricked him (notice how it says they got him drunk) so it was not by his knowing controllable will that he committed incest.

  11. […] as depicted in the Old Testament (Especially Lot’s harboring of two angels, see post here That is, unless you belong to a sect of Christianity that doesn’t believe the Old Testament […]

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