Occam’s Razor (look it up)

Women in the bible are often depicted as being barren but strangely men are never sterile. An act of God is often used to cure the women of their barren wombs. Doesn’t it seem a little more plausible that the men were the ones that were infertile and couldn’t get their wives pregnant, but when the women got pregnant by another man they concocted some story to explain it?


4 Responses to “Occam’s Razor (look it up)”

  1. This could certainly be true, but most of the time these men had other wives, whom they got pregnant. So your theory has no merit.
    I thought you said you actually read and studied the Bible. So far I’m not impressed with your reading skills or your logic.

  2. The point was to reveal the sexist bias of the authors of the bible. It can never be the man’s fault. I find that very telling.

  3. Paul Rivas, what you wrote makes sense but you overlooked something. A woman was forbidden to divorce her husband, so therefore did not have the advantage a man had by having more than one wife. If a husband ‘favored’ one wife over the other. . . well? And, face it. The stories set down in the Old Testament were written by men and, I believe, strictly for men. Even today: a woman’s place in in the kitchen, the nursery, the church and, first and foremost. . . in the bedroom.

  4. Debra Wehrly Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with mary kaufman. One must not forget about polygyny being alive and well during the old-testament era and even condoned by the bible. I do not know of any other book that is more demeaning to women than the bible. Some of the worst human-rights abuses that have ever occurred in the history of humanity have been religiously inspired. Not all, but alot. Because of certain biblical verses, millions of innocent women across mideval Europe have lost their lives during the witch hunts.

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