Your Wife Looks Just Like Your Sister

Gen 12 – Abraham passes his wife Sarah as his sister. The Pharaoh, believing this deception, offers Abraham many animals and slaves to take Sarah into his palace (for what purpose we can only imagine). Abraham agrees to this deal because he is afraid to have his deception revealed. The Pharaoh, unaware that he had taken another man’s wife into his home, is punished by God (no punishment for Abraham) for doing just that with a number of great plagues falling upon his household.


2 Responses to “Your Wife Looks Just Like Your Sister”

  1. Why Quote somthing you don’t believ in? Sarah Had Ishmael ,Who then became The Father of Islam. “God” does not intervene Niether for nor against Man. Only Man does that .
    What would you do If you could intervien in someones life everyday? Control it? You have free will to do as you please. Don’t bitch at the Creator, Bitch at the Created. Thats exactly whats wrong with Doubters. They have no Thoughts of thier own. Only Doubt! Cheer Up Bucko You’ll be glad the Asshole you don’t believ in dosen’t believ in you either. p.s. “GOD” didn’t write the Bible, Man did. If you want to pick the bible apart do it in a more hostile environment. Hitler had more bibles burned that you could shake a stick at.All for naught. Deacon James Stratton

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Why quote something I don’t believe in? Perhaps one of the strangest questions I’ve ever heard. You should really read my main page to understand the purpose of my site.

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