A Perfect Example of the Ugliness of the God of the Bible

Only Lot, his wife and his two daughters are deemed worthy of being sparred God’s wrath. Once again, much like with Noah, it’s conveniently all in the family. AND YET, even though God just moments before had deemed her worthy of living, when Lot’s wife (she never has a name) looks back and witnesses her family and friends being murdered by God, she is no longer worthy and God kills her. As a result, Lot’s two daughters end up having sex with Lot in order to produce an heir. Gen 19:32-36 “Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.”


3 Responses to “A Perfect Example of the Ugliness of the God of the Bible”

  1. Lone Wolf Says:

    Another good example the bible, Gods, and the people God calls “righteous”
    The god of the bible is far from logical and prefers bad people so long as they warship him.
    And the incest part, I don’t care how drink you get a guy, he will not have sex with his own daughters, not a real father. And its far more likely that it was he who initiated it, that he got drunk, raped his daughters,then blamed it on them.

  2. Bob Builder Says:

    I belive I’m inspired to repeat myself:

    All those ’sinners’ did not create themselves. The vile God who DID create them is responsibe for His creation. The *TRUE* ORIGINAL SIN is, from the BEGINING God has like the God damned coward He obviously actually is, evaded responsibility. All the ‘free will’ mumbo jumbo is RATIONALIZATION and anyone who spouts that kind of repugnant dribble is simply an enabler who’s doing so because they’re afraid of the cold blooded murderous monster’s threats and wrath.
    God (Jehova, YHWH, Father God…etc.) IS truly in EVERY sense of the word a MONSTER.

  3. You can’t worship a God thats not made of flesh like we are to be logical! But you can expect him to be spiritually discerned!!

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