More Words By The Genius Sam Harris

Sam Harris says in Letter to a Christian Nation, “…just imagine how breathtakingly specific a work of prophecy would be, if it were actually the product of omniscience. If the Bible were such a book, it would make perfectly accurate predictions about human events. You would expect it to contain a passage such as ‘In the latter half of the twentieth century, humankind will develop a globally linked system of computers—the principles of which I set forth in Leviticus—and this system shall be called the Internet.’ The Bible contains nothing like this. In fact, it does not contain a single sentence that could not have been written by a man or woman living in the first century. This should trouble you.”


3 Responses to “More Words By The Genius Sam Harris”

  1. Perhaps he has a genius IQ, but he obviously hasn’t studied Bible prophecies.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Neil, I’m gonna need more from you than just this dismissive comment. Have your read any of Sam Harris’ books? Can you dispute anything he has said? If so, please do. Do you have a reason to doubt the validity of the above statement?

  3. Spirit not flesh, flesh passes away and is no more. What would be the importance of expressing man-made dust!! Ready to be fossilized, cast away and brought to ruins. If it weren’t for the soul and the spirit we would be destitute. Then should we really make a mourning! Because we would be the controller of our own lives, then making it our every fault. Now that I think about it that what God probably thinks of us who use and abuse him. By subjecting our body’s (temples if you may) which naturally God owns , giving us his breathe by being part of him . By subjecting our body’s to ruin, catastrophic, i am pretty sure God saw this long before. And that’s why out of all the creatures God specifically created. He created us and gave us his breathe because he loves us. That picture of creation was a picture of love and life saving love out of all the creatures God had made. in Jesus name amen!!! What is God saying to us though yes you were made without armor, yes you were made not to withstand sickness and yes I made you not to be immune from the troubles of creation. But I brought you to life specifically with my breathe of love and I was all you needy. Because if God is with us who can be against us! In me I gave you all the power to defeat sin and the enemy you will ever need. But know you yourself cannot solve humanities problems and maybe they all were not made to be solved. God knew we had everything when we had him!! God is not blind he can see but he will create a new earth one day. Death where is your power , where is your sting!! Who are we the pot who has been molded by the potter God to question!! We are a little better than the animals!!! But even angels who are not made of flesh and blood are subject to God. Why not embrace what is the natural order of God!! Yes we obey a real God with real intelligence. Have you ever talked to a real so called intellectual person. You may not understand that person’s views. And when they try to explain it to you. You may say what or be confused!! Knowing God isn’t all easy but we thank God for his unending mercy and his unending love. in Jesus name amen!!!

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