All Gods Are Inventions of Man

The Christian God is no different than Zeus or Horus or any other dismissed god of the past, and Jesus was only one of many crucified saviors. God’s come in very handy. They help explain the unknown, and might help you if you treat them right. And if you want to be important, how better than to make up a supreme being who names you his chosen people and despises everyone else? If you want to control your people, how better than to put a thousand rules into a god’s mouth and have him annihilate anyone who disobeys them? If you want to take other people’s land, how better to justify it than to have your god tell you to do it and leave no one breathing? If you want to be sexist and racist, how better to condone it than by having a sexist, racist god not only approve it but order it? If you are typical of the times and inclined to be cruel, how better to burn, hang, drown, smite, mutilate, and torture than to have your god command you to do it and set the example himself? If you want to kill your neighbor, your friend, and members of your family, and thrust your children through when you’re not beating them black and blue, what better way to get permission than from a god who is an amoral fiend himself? Poor God! We can’t always choose our biographers.


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13 Responses to “All Gods Are Inventions of Man”

  1. your mistake, as far as i can see it from this blog, is to see god through man’s eyes. the only way to ‘see’ god is to transcend the self; the ego. it is probably a very common reason for atheists to reject god; they look at man’s flaws and assign them to god! the battle is not in the flesh.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    1ben, I’m sorry but it isn’t by transcending man’s ego that we can truly see God. It is mankind’s EGO that caused us to invent gods in the first place. And, 1ben, it is impossible for someone who doesn’t believe in God to assign man’s flaws to someone who doesn’t exist. Atheists don’t SEE your god because there is absolutely no evidence that he exists. I’m sorry, I’ve assumed you are referring to the Christian god. Perhaps you worship Zeus, or Ra, or Baal, or any of the thousands of gods mankind has invented, worshiped and dismissed over countless generations. But let me guess, you DO believe that all those thousands of gods were man made inventions and dismiss them as such, BUT NOT YOURS. YOURS is the exception. Mankind finally got it right when they came up with YOUR god, is that right? You see, 1ben, you and I are much alike. I dismiss all those gods as being works of fiction just like you do. The only difference between us is I dismiss ONE additional god as well. YOURS.

    Thank you for being willing to visit my site. I hope you’ll take the time to review some of my other observations and please read my main page ( to gain a better understanding of where I am coming from. There you will find all my observations regarding religion and the bible categorized on the left hand side of the page.

    Take Care.

  3. Yes, man makes god in his own image . . . And we’ve evolved beyond the need for that conception according to Nietchze.
    But scripture tells us that God made man in his own image. So God looks like us? I don’t think so. (This was raised in that determinism/freewill thread, but this seems a better thread on which to discuss it.)
    The concept is incredibly fascinating (to me, at least). God made man in his image spiritually. Of that I am fairly certain. But bodily? I don’t think so. Here’s the one that really intrigues me: are we intellectually mimetic of God? Several places in the Bible speak of “God’s wisdom” versus “man’s wisdom”, but what exactly does that entail?
    Jim Morrison had an interesting concept of God – one I’m sure others have taken to be sensible if not accurate: each religion is like the three blind men and the elephant in that fable. Each touches a different part and says the elephant is the part he touches – trunk, flank, tail. From a pluralist standpoint, religiously speaking, each description of each god is merely a part of the whole entity that is God. This would mean that God is Buddha and Krishna and Jehovah and Ahura-Mazda and Zeus and Jupiter, etc.
    From a Humanistic POV, this makes some sense as far as people being ‘like’ god. It is the cause and consequence of a mega-faceted Creator, whose nature is reflected in all the facets of humanity.
    Of course, this leads some to think of God as amoral by our standards . . .

  4. (this is to doubting thomas – not quite sure how these blogs work as im new) anyway, i admire your passion – i promise that isnt meant to be patronising, take it as a compliment, for gods (sorry, mans) sake. following suit from your response to my response! (ad infinitum, right!) the following could be construed as cheeky and confrontational, but indulge me!: ‘But let me guess, you DO believe that all those thousands of ‘evidences’ are holy inventions and believe in them as such, BUT NOT anything outside of man’s invention. Mankind finally got it right when they came up with the self as god, is that right?

  5. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    [[[1ben said – you DO believe that all those thousands of ‘evidences’ are holy inventions and believe in them as such, BUT NOT anything outside of man’s invention. Mankind finally got it right when they came up with the self as god, is that right?]]]

    1ben, the wording of your comment has left me a bit confused. I will try to decipher your meaning and respond. Here it goes; My dismissal of the stories of the bible has less to do with the fact that the ‘evidences are holy inventions’ and aren’t supported by any sort of real proof, and more to do with the overwhelming amount of evidence demonstrating that they are fallacious. And, to clarify, man can’t ‘invent’ actual proof. Evidence supported by fact is not an invention of man. Stories supported only by the desperate hope that they are true IS an example of an invention of man. And where did you come up with the idea that I was suggesting man was god? Atheists don’t replace god with man. Atheists merely require proof before believing in something. You and your fellow theists require nothing in order to believe. Hope (Faith) is enough for you. It is not enough for me. And are you saying that you DON’T dismiss all those other gods man has worshiped over the years as man made? You believe some or all were real?

    And, 1ben, do you believe that EVERYTHING written in the bible is true? Every fanciful tale? Noah and the Ark, for example (please review another of my posts for my take on this particular story — ).

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. forgive me for my incoherance! i was trying to be clever – i am an artist/writer, and i simply took some of your writing and changed some words to fit the opposite camp if you see what i mean – to try and prove that even unbeleif is a belief of sorts – ie. proof is a belief in science etc – but i am clarified with your honesty in saying that faith is not enough for you, and i appreciate that. thanks for pointing me to your other blogs, i’ll have a look some time.

    god bless (joke)

  7. hi there, would it be okay if i linked you in my blog? i’d also value your thoughts on my entries. the address is finally, how do you get the picture up like you have at the head of your blog?



  8. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    1ben, feel free to add my site to your blogroll. It’s admirable that you’d be willing to do so, bravo. As for how to get the picture at the top of your blog, I chose the Neo-Sapien theme. Click on your Dashboard, then click Presentation and under Themes you can find Neo-Sapien (if that is the theme you prefer). Select it as your theme and under options you can choose any image you have on your computer to use in place of the stock one.

    Also, I understand what you were trying to say in your comment the other day, I just didn’t feel the comparison was a valid one is all. I also disagree with your comment –“unbeleif is a belief of sorts – ie. proof is a belief in science”. Faith is a synonym for hope. When a Christian says they have faith that the stories contained in the bible are true, what they are really saying is they HOPE that they are. I don’t believe the stories in the bible are true but my disbelief isn’t based on my HOPE that my opinion is correct. My disbelief comes from my extensive study of the stories of the bible and my inability to find any evidence to support their validity, in fact all the evidence pointed to them being fallacies. Proof isn’t a belief in science. Proof is evidence. Evidence is fact. Facts are undeniable. When a scientific discovery causes another religious belief to be recategorized as myth (as so many have over the years) is wasn’t because someone believed in the evidence. It was because the evidence was undeniable. Faith can’t stand up against evidence. Understand, I’m not suggesting that science has all the answers, clearly it doesn’t. However, I do believe that the answers will come from scientific discovery, if for no other reason than science never stops seeking the truth. What could be more admirable than that?

  9. ‘undeniable’ Thats a good word to use. I like that word. i guess we just have different ideas about evidence and facts. Likewise with ‘truth’. Thanks for your help on the site. and thanks for letting me link you.

  10. all mans are inventions of god. cmon, lets have a fight!


    • Confounding to me that one of god’s commandments was Thou Shall Not Kill (or Murder). But according to the bible, the Christian god murdered repeatedly (that is revealed many times in the biblical stories… god killed wantonly). Either some of the stories of god’s murdering of his creations are incorrect and therefor these bible stories are incorrect or god can murder with impunity or god is a sinner because he disobeyed his own commandment. Like a person in authority promulgating a law that makes it illegal for people to, say, rob other people and be punished for that, yet it is NOT illegal for the maker of the law to rob other people with impunity.

      The bible reports that god did this because certain people disobeyed him or were sinners or that god did not like them for some reason. According to the bible, ALL human beings are sinners. Why not murder all of mankind ? Why create beings that will disobey and thus become sinners ? Why not create beings who totally understand god’s logic and are totally compliant with and obey god’s “laws” and thus will not sin ? If this were the case, I would see no need for human-kind to have a god.

      The human logic here is not refutable…. unless it is claimed that human logic is not god’s logic and as such cannot be understood by mankind. If that is the case, how can human beings respond “correctly” to the commands of god when they have little concept of god’s logic other than that god’s logic cannot be understood ? Seems to me that some egregious sinners are spared for their acts and some are slain for just not being able to hear god’s words.

      If one is to believe that god’s logic cannot be understood, there is little value in trying to follow god’s commandments whey they may not make sense when using human logic. IOW, how can one behave in a manner suitable to god when he/she is, by definition, incapable of understanding god’s logic ?

      The notion that “You cannot possibly understand the logic of god, therefor you cannot refute something that you cannot understand” makes the assumption that god’s logic has been “proven” to be unavailable for human understanding. Problem here is that this “proof” is just a HUMANbelief with no proof at all.

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