The Fallacy of the Flood (Noah’s Ark)

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The Fallacy of the Flood (Noah’s Ark)   

God so despised (so much for ‘good’) the offspring of the first nine generations of his creation that he decided to not only kill them all but to kill every other living thing upon the face of the earth! No exception was made for children, pregnant women or even babies (not to mention kittens, puppies and flowers). Only Noah, his three sons and their four wives were spared. How convenient that Noah and his sons had such perfect taste in women.


Noah was commissioned to construct a ship of such size that no one at the time had ever even conceived of such a vessel (500ft long, 85ft wide, 60ft & 3 stories high or less than half the size of the Titanic or about a ¼ the size of the Queen Mary II).  In fact, the lumber (gopher wood) required to build it would have been extremely expensive and, frankly, nearly impossible to acquire even if they had chopped down every gopher-wood tree in the area (it’s a wasteland, people!). And the tools needed to create such a vessel didn’t even exist. The tools would have had to have been created from scratch. On top of this, Noah had to do this with little to no knowledge of shipbuilding (and let’s face it, only an expert ship builder could hope to construct a vessel never before imagined and hope to make it sea worthy). Oh yeah, and while he was constructing the ship he also was commanded to gather SEVEN of every ‘clean’ beast & two of every ‘unclean’ beast & SEVEN of every fowl of both sexes (14 each), and a male & female of every ‘creeping thing’. He had to do this with the assistance of only seven other people. Even if they didn’t eat, sleep, piss or shit, this would have taken a VERY long time (I ignore the 120 years bible literalists give as it is a completely willful assumption which has no actual biblical support). This begs the question; How many innocents were born in that time and why weren’t they spared? How many dead babies were floating on the waters of God’s tantrum?

How is it neither Noah, his sons, nor their wives were at all concerned about worshiping and blindly obeying a god (really they were obeying Noah as he was the only one in direct communication) who was determined to kill all of their friends and family? Did they all really believe everyone they knew deserved to be murdered? Oh yes, that’s right, in their leisure time (what leisure time!) they were all preaching to the God doomed masses. I guess they really sucked at it as not a single person repented their sins and received an invitation on board. Even on day 39 of the rains they couldn’t bring anyone back to God? Wow?

 animals 25So, who stays behind to build the Ark while the others go in search of all the animals (and insects), the VAST majority of which the people of that time had no idea even existed. Let’s say half and half. No, wait! Even better, let’s assume God used his magical powers to influence every animal and insect to make its way to Noah and the Ark, leaving the men to focus on building the ship (ignore the fact that this completely disputes the bible). Even assuming that, however, one must ask how, exactly, did the various species that only exist in certain parts of the world (Koala Bear, Polar Bear, Panda Bear, etc.) manage to reach the Ark? Wait! I know, let’s assume that all the continents were still a single land mass just a few thousand years ago (more like 100 million, but who’s counting?).  Problem solved. Now, one must ask, how long would it take for a Sloth, native to Southern and Central America, to march its way to the Ark? And did we really need to include the Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Mamba? Really?

OK, so the Ark is completed just in time as all the animals and insects arrive and crowd on in. Except they won’t fit. This is understandable as the people who wrote the bible were only familiar with a very, very small percentage of the creatures that dwelled upon the earth so their measurements would have seemed more than adequate. But, of course, in reality they weren’t. The size of vessel that would be required to hold 2-7 of every living thing, including insects and fish, is too absurd to even contemplate. And that doesn’t even take into account all the food and fresh water that would be needed to sustain both man and beast for the 190 days they were on board the Ark (not to mention during the wait). Does this mean even more animals so the carnivores have some fresh meat? And what about after the flood? The whole of the earth would have been covered in rotting corpses and vegetation. There will be nothing edible for a very long time, even if Noah and his clan immediately started planting seeds upon making land. And, again, what about the carnivores? How many generations would have to pass before they could start preying on the offspring of the survivors of the flood? Of course, according to the bible, the slaughter started immediately, as, after the flood, of the few remaining animals left on earth, God tells Noah, “…every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you.” Gen. 9:3 How quickly would each species become extinct if such an occurrence had actually taken place? And what happened to kosher?

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And what about all those who witnessed what Noah and his family were up to? No doubt everyone scoffed at Noah’s endeavor, especially when he and his family locked themselves inside the Ark with all the animals. But then it began to rain. And it rained and rained and rained and rained, and the waters began to rise. At what point did the others realize they wanted to be on the Ark as well? Day 20? Day 30? Day 39? How exactly did the Ark survive the panicked mob that assuredly came down upon it once everyone realized they were being murdered by God? Not a one managed to pry open the door impractically placed in its side? And is there a ship designer alive who believes that a vessel constructed at that time with a door in its side could possibly ever be sea worthy?

Oh, and let’s not even consider that the weight of the Ark, filled to capacity with animals, food and supplies, would result in a completely non-buoyant vessel. And think about it; it would have been impossible for Noah, his wife, his three sons and their three wives, (8 people total) to both crew the vessel and care for and feed and clean up after all the animals. And how did Noah keep the birds from eating all the insects? And what about the parasites they (and the other animals) carried? Do those count for the two of each living thing? Probably more like the seven.

Ark at sea

Think of what the conditions must have been like on board the Ark for 190 days. How is it no viruses or diseases were spread? Realistically, how many of the animals would have died during the voyage? What about after? How many would have refused to mate with the one they were partnered up with? As any zoologist will tell you, a male and female of any species aren’t necessarily compatible as mates and even if they were, there is no guarantee that they could produce an offspring. And in case any believer suggests that at any point God interfered in order to guarantee his plan worked out (i.e. all animals mated and produced offspring, never attacked one another, no sickness on board), I ask why not just snap his almighty fingers and make all the offending humans fall dead? Why all the drama? Why not just snap his almighty fingers and poof there is the Ark and snap all the animals are on board? Did he want to sit and stew in his anger while Noah and his sons attempted to obey his command? If a believer is going to suggest that God used his infinite powers to take part in the great plan, then they must concede that there was no need to kill every living thing, God simply wanted to. There’s simply no denying that the God depicted in the story of Noah and the Ark is nothing but a petulant monster. Lucky for the believer, this story is shown (and proven many times over) to be a complete work of fiction.

This leaves us with one simple question: Knowing that the story of Noah and the Ark is nothing but a fairy tale, how can anyone continue to believe in the legitimacy of the Bible? Do we need to address the story of David and Goliath (and the Beanstalk?)? Or Jonah and the Whale? Do we? Really? —

ark landing

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28 Responses to “The Fallacy of the Flood (Noah’s Ark)”

  1. Beyond all of your questions about the historical legitimacy of the story and the many theological issues that it has raised, there are other questions to be asked of this passage: (1) what does the story teach us about human nature and (2) what does the story teach us about the nature of God and (3) what does the story teach us about the relationship between the two.

    Quite frankly, the questions you are asking, which arise out of the Christian insistence that the stories be read as literal history, obscure our ability to consider the Bible on its own terms. It seems to me that the one thing many Christians and many atheists have in common is that they ask the same “wrong” questions of the Bible. The three questions above are the questions that the Bible is trying to help us answer. Among many other reasons, that’s why I “believe” it and why I find it instructive for my life and for my relationship with Jesus.

  2. 1arabella Says:

    Where did you get the idea that children are innocent?
    Do you know , how much time Noah had to construct the ark and collect the animals ?
    Since Noah got his instructions by God, most probably Noah got also further advice
    or he simply was more intelligent than you imagine .
    Do you know, that your thoughts and doubts are like the serpent’s ” Did God really say”
    the next step is to say “No, He did not” , making hm a lier.
    Either we believe all or none. The rest is hypocrisy or foolishness.
    The wisdom of God is not the wisdom of the world.

  3. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Jason, thank you for your comment. I’m afraid all your questions do is reveal that you belong to a sect of Christianity (and there are SOOO many) that believes in a ‘sanitized’ version of the bible. One of the ‘pick and choose’ kind. A hundred different Christians will tell me a hundred different messages the passages of the bible are trying to tell me. Yours is just one version among many. How or why should I take YOURS as the ABSOLUTE? I just grow so weary of all these different ways I’m supposed to interpret these tales.

    You say I am asking the ‘wrong’ questions. You even admit that other Christians are asking the ‘wrong’ questions. So I ask you, who are you to tell us that our questions have no validity and that YOURS do? Who enlightened you to the fact that YOU were on the right track/path? Was it God?

    Thanks again for visiting my site. I hope you’ll take the time to peruse my other posts categorized at the top of the page on the left.

  4. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    1arabella, thank you for visiting my site. The issue of whether or not children are innocent in the eyes of your god has been touched on many times in some of my other posts. None of you Christians can seem to agree on this subject. Either we are all born sinners or we are not. If we are born sinners than you worship a god that would damn a sweet infant to burn in the bowels of hell for all time, if we aren’t born sinners then a five year-old who dies tragically gets a free pass into the kingdom of heaven.

    And perhaps you should reread my post as all of your questions on the story of the flood are addressed there.

    And please don’t use dogma and scripture to try and dispute my observations.

  5. DT, good questions.

    First, I do not sanitize the Bible. There are some disturbing stories contained within the Bible that must be dealt with. THe key is to hold each text within the context of the whole. I have no problem saying that much of Genesis 1-11 is mythological in nature. This does not mean that it is not true, but that it is true in the sense that, as inspired literature, it contains truths. You are reading it as a supposed history and asking questions to from that perspective. I think it is better to read it as divinely-inspired literature and realize that its truths may be more dynamic than history or science would allow.

    Secondly, the questions I am asking are not mine. They are the kinds of questions that arise out of an appreciation of the Bible as a piece of literature (not history or science) that I believe to be inspired by God.

    The same question could be asked: what makes your questions the right questions?

  6. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Jason, you were the one who insisted that I was asking the wrong questions. All I asked was WHY my questions weren’t considered valid ones?

    And again, you are making blanket statements about the bible that, even you must admit, would not be shared by MANY of the other Christian sects.

    And let’s be honest, there are not SOME disturbing stories in the bible, there are MANY.

    And to clarify things, I actually appreciate your view of the bible. I find it to be a much more sensible way to think of the stories in this book than many of the Christians I encounter. Quite refreshing, actually.

    Again, I hope you’ll continue to peruse my other posts and please feel free to leave some more comments. Many of my other observations are sure to inspire a reply from you. 

    Take Care.

  7. Earthship Volume I – Introduction: Noah was told by God to build an ark.

    Noah was told by God to build an ark. Just exactly how God told Noah is left up to the imagination. The fact remains that the clouds on the horizon were revealed to Noah and even though he lived nowhere near water, he was inspired to build a ship. He must have experienced much ridicule for wasting time, energy, and materials on this ship. Inspiration, however, is more powerful than ridicule. Noah saw the clouds on thehorizon and the coming flood, so he built a ship to float on the seas, for there was a time coming when there would be no land.

    – from

  8. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Earthship Biotecture, not sure what point there is in repeating the beginning of this story again but I do recommend following the link you provided for those who are interested in the environment and especially in constructing a earth friendly home. Cool stuff!

  9. YAY!!!! I get to jump in on yet another stimulating biblical debate. This is one of the ones that used to annoy me the most back in the day when I just kinda sat back and accepted whatever I heard, Now let me share some of the things I have discovered with you.

    So, God gave Noah the instructions on how to build the ark, and how do you know that there were not tools around this time? I would enjoy evidence of that statement.
    Now you stated that God was despised his creation enough to go kill them all off without trying to save them, however you conveniently leave out the part where noah was preaching to the people during the 140 years that he spent building the ark.

    So about the animals, I find that this is the most annoying question about the ark, not because I dont have an answer, simply because I get asked the question incessantly. So lets take a little look at MICROevolution. This is the evolution within a species that will give us different traits based on where we live, it is also known as ADAPTION.E.G.( Lets say that a man moved to Maine and another man moved to mexico, if they got together in maine a few years later the mexican would think that it was the coldest place on earth, because his body had adjusted to the heat and climate of mexico.)
    The same goes for animals, If a spider lives in an environment where it needs a more venomous bite to bring down the animals that it needs to eat, then it’s bite will change over times to secrete more venom per bite. The same goes for its coloring and body size. So they would not have to bring every type of every species of every animal, they would need two of every unclean species and 7 of every clean species.

    Now about how they got there, I do believe that the chart of the continental drift does indeed trace back to their being Pangea(one continent) now given 140 years I do believe that most animals could have made it to the ark, who knows maybe the sloth hitched a ride on the back of a leopard.

    And who says that noahs kids and wife werent concerned about their friends, they were out preaching and such to the people every day, because lets face it, if someone is building a giant thing that you have never even concieved you’re gonna go take a peek, all the people that didnt accept God were killed out of their own choice, and lets face it over 140 years odds are that word is gonna spread out to the people that weren’t close enough to see it.

    Next, As far as when the people realized they wanted to be on the ark, I really have no clue, however I dont think that it would have taken 40 days or so for the earth to flood. In the beginning of the earth there was something called a “water Canopy” that was there in addition to the atmosphere, this brought dew and a light mist to the earth to water plants and such, it is my view that this canopy simply “collapsed” and that was what flooded the earth.

    Blast, my class is almost over i’ll get back on in a while and finish up.

    • The message that comes across to me is that god will drown you if you do not live up to his expected ways. The bible also tells me how god supports war, sacrofice and violence. Sorry to disappoint you mate. I do believe in god, but he god I believe in is kind and loving. Not one that a certain part of the Jewish history created to condone murder, ware and sacrofice

  10. doubtingthomas426 Says:


    First, thanks for putting your two cents in.

    The story of Noah’s Ark is one of my favorites (as it is with many Atheists) if for no other reason than it lays out so many easily disputable ‘facts’ and numbers.

    You asked how I know that there weren’t tools around at the time that were capable of constructing the Ark and ask for evidence. Ok, here is my evidence – Common Sense. If something is being commissioned to be built that has never even been conceived of let alone attempted, OBVIOUSLY the tools to construct it would not exist and would need to be made. How is this a point of contention?

    Now, the time span thing. Every bible literalist who claims the flood story is true gives the number 120 years. I’ve never heard the 140 before. I’ll just assume you remembered the number wrong and proceed. First, I must admit to being a bit surprised that you are a believer in this story as it seems only bible literalists still stand by its validity. Anyway, let’s get past the simple stuff first. The claim that the time it took Noah and clan to create the tools, gather the supplies (there would not have been enough lumber, period!), build the Ark, gather/grow the provisions (how did they keep them fresh in storage) and gather all the animals AND spend every evening preaching, was 120 years is an entirely willful one. It is based on Genesis 6:3, which reads, “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” This statement was not made to Noah, nor was it referring to Noah. This communication was simply stated, no doubt, within and to the Trinity. The choice to assign this number as the number of years Noah took to build the Ark is a completely deterministic assumption.

    Noah is 500 years old when he begins to have his sons (Gen. 5:32) (I won’t go into the absurd notion of a man living that long, let alone not having any children until year 500). When God gives the instructions, Noah’s sons are already grown and married to their wives (Gen. 6:18). Noah is 600 years old when the flood comes upon the earth (Gen. 7:11). Even if the boys had been triplets (they weren’t, compare Gen 9:24 & 10:21), and had been born the day God made the pronouncement of judgment (they weren’t), the longest he could have worked on the ark would have been 100 years, and this is ASSUMING God told him when he first made the statement. And don’t forget, Shem, who is Noah’s middle son, is 100 years old – two years after the flood (Gen. 11:10). So the more logical time span would seem to be between 70-80 years. Let’s assume 80.

    Eighty years. EIGHTY YEARS! In 80 years, even with continuous evening preaching by Noah and family, not a single person saw the error of their ways, repented and was granted a spot on the Ark? Not even one? And again, what about the innocent children and babies? How many babies were born in that time period? How many babies and children did God murder in his worldwide temper tantrum?

    Whiteman0o0, your MICROevolution theory is an admirable one but it is also utterly lacking in any biblical support on top of being grossly misguided in its definition of what evolution is. Evolution isn’t willful, whiteman0o0. A spider doesn’t see a larger creature and think, “Gosh, I sure wish my venom was stronger so I could take down that Monkey and eat its tasty insides. Maybe if I concentrate REAL HARD … wait … what’s this … YES! Success! My venom is now strong enough to hunt bigger prey! Sweet!” Nature doesn’t have a will. A tiger can’t choose to grow gills so it can hunt under water. Evolution, ALL types of evolution, is a beneficial accident. A beneficial birth defect, if you will. Once upon a time a Zebra’s stripes were almost completely indistinct. But then a birth defect caused a Zebra to be born with its striations more prominent than the others. As a result it blended into the landscape better and the predators overlooked it. It survived to adulthood and passed its genetic defect onto its offspring. Eventually those without this beneficial birth defect would be hunted to extinction. I’m sorry, whiteman0o0, but Noah couldn’t have just picked a couple spiders and crossed his fingers and HOPED that evolution would happen and those few spiders would change into the thousands of types of spiders that now cover the earth. Evolution happens, yes, but it cannot be relied upon.

    Regarding Continental Drift Theory, I was putting this forth as an example of an apologists desperate attempt to FORCE the story to work. NO ONE who believes in Continental Drift Theory believes it took place a few thousand years ago (try a hundred million). So, no, it can’t be used to explain how Noah and his clan managed to acquire all those animals.

    And the idea that Noah and his wife and sons and their wives had copious amounts of spare time on their hands to go and preach to the people in an attempt to save them is just absurd. If they had truly spent any time doing this, and if they did BOY did they do a piss poor job, we need to go ahead and adjust that timeline from 80 years to 800 years. And why weren’t they more successful? Especially near the end when it was raineing buckets. Hell, even I would have repented my sins and converted at that point.

    Now onto the “Water Canopy Theory”. I have to be honest, whiteman0o0, I was a bit stunned when you offered this absurd notion. Gauging from your other arguments you seemed like a more sensible person than this theory would suggest. It appears the Young Earther in you has reared its ugly head. Obviously I have NO respect whatsoever for the young earth position as it has no basis in reality. The water canopy theory is even disproved on a very well regarded Christian website that you can find here:

    And let’s not forget that although the Ark was a massive vessel back then, in reality, it was not even half the size of the Titanic and is barely a ¼ the size of the Queen Mary II. Even the Queen Mary II wouldn’t be able to house 2 of every ‘unclean’ beast, 7 of every ‘clean’ beast, 14 of every foul and 2 of every creeping thing. IN ADDITION to enough provisions to last the 190 days on board the Ark and the time after they landed.

    Seriously, whiteman0o0, how do you believe in this utter nonsense?


  11. mephibosheth Says:

    It’s interesting that Noah was alone in his faith while building the ark and even now. Whatever time it took him to build the ark at the end he couldn’t get anyone (besides his immediate family) to get in the ark. Noah was flying by instruments – totally trusting God.

    I believe the story totally with absolutely no doubts whatsoever. You raise questions from different angles, but you could do that about the whole creation. Why do the monarch butterflies gather at a certain place, how do penguins know to hold the egg off the ice – you have a bigger faith problem than I do keeping yourself from believing in God. But I’m sure it’s a challenge you’re up to for the time being.

    When you think of the creation – the spectrum of details – what’s it take to load an ark? I’m surprised that troubles you while the planets spin like a top – with a delicate balance in atmosphere, with “english” on the “stinky ball” so the seasons change and the atheist can at least change his wardrobe if not his mind and heart.

    If it’s a TRUE non conformist you’re looking for, a man not afraid to go against the world tide “in toto”, – and I don’t mean just conforming to another subgroup like the hippies – NOAH is your man. Quite a guy.

    mephibosheth “rational response squad” “forums” “conversation, introductions humor” “what faith you” (that’s me)

  12. Frienpax Says:

    I must say,
    I was impressed, by the way took the time to read carefully the story of Noah and the Ark in the BIBLE. (Genesis Chapter 6)
    You can tell, you studied in detail each aspect of the events that took place in the Bible.
    You must really be interested in learning about One True GOD and his wonderful miracles he performs.

    I strongly recommend you doing a study on John Chapter 2: 1-12
    Lend us your thoughts…

    Well done I say, well done!

    Your detailed explanations of the building of the ark and the size of the ark; “Noah was commissioned to construct a ship of such size that no one at the time had ever even conceived of such a vessel (500ft long, 85ft wide, 60ft & 3 stories high or less than half the size of the Titanic or about a ¼ the size of the Queen Mary II). In fact, the lumber (gopher wood) required to build it would have been extremely expensive and, frankly, nearly impossible to acquire even if they had chopped down every gopher-wood tree in the area (it’s a wasteland, people!).”

    The gathering of GOD’S creatures;
    ” Oh yeah, and while he was constructing the ship he also was commanded to gather SEVEN of every ‘clean’ beast & two of every ‘unclean’ beast & SEVEN of every fowl of both sexes (14 each), and a male & female of every ‘creeping thing’. He had to do this with the assistance of only seven other people.”

    The situation of all the animals being in the ark and not loosing one of them sickness or disease;
    “Think of what the conditions must have been like on board the Ark for 190 days. How is it no viruses or diseases were spread?”

    Your right, it just goes to show us all, with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, with man, this would have been 100% “impossible”!!!


  13. Another Question is what did Noah and his family do for food after the flood. He had no vegetable fields or anything. Maybe he kept the animals captive and ate them after the flood. Where did the animals get food from. My final question is who pulled the plug for the waters to disappear or did they pump it out back to space?

  14. No the biblical Ark story and a lot of other biblical stories did not happen in a literal sense. My fundamental issue with these allegorical scripture stories is that they can be translated/interpreted by acknowledged *sinners* to have different meanings. Whose interpretation is a lay person to believe ? They cannot all be correct and maybe none are.

    Perhaps somewhat analagous to the old TV game show “What’s My Line”. At the end of that TV game show the contestant would guess (based on asking questions) who was the correct person to associate with his/her “Line”. Then the real person would stand and the imposters would remain seated.

    But if the “Line” were the “Correct Biblical Interpretation” of a certain bible story and there were several bible interpretors (all of whom had different interpretations of the selected biblical subject) on the panel, at the end of the show when the host issued the statement “Will the Real Bible Interpretor Please Stand”… they would ALL stand. In that case the contestant is guaranteed a win but obviously does not know the truth and has to be skeptical that any of them are the real deal. Moreover, the audience would not respond well to a full “Stand” because the contestant would have no chance of losing.

    Point here being that a lay person can select any biblical interpretation of a biblical event from a “certified” biblical scholar and it will be correct according to the scholar. But the same lay person may select a different bible scholar’s interpretation of a different biblical issue to be the correct one. Thus a person is free to pick and choose his/her biblical interpretations. That does not seem consistent with there being only one true interpretation of biblical scripture.

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  17. I don’t see how this argument could ever get past the question: What did the Tigers eat when they got off the ark? Your research and attention to detail is impressive. Great argument!

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  19. Heat Pump…

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  20. Buddy Paraiso Says:

    Reading Christians’ replies…Sounds like those reasoning made by the Taliban…

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    “Allah’tan başkasına kulluk etmeyin. Korkunç bir günün azabına uğramanızdan korkuyorum.” demişti de,” HÛD 26

    “Toplumunun küfre sapanlarından bir grup kodaman şöyle konuşmuştu: “Bize göre sen, bizim gibi bir insandan başkası değilsin. Bakıyoruz sana, ayak takımımızın basit görüşlü insanlarından başkası ardına düşmüyor. Sizin bize hiçbir üstünlüğünüzün olduğuna da inanmıyoruz. Aksine, sizi yalancılar sayıyoruz.” HÛD 27.

    “Nuh dedi ki: “Ey toplumum! Bir düşünün! Ya ben Rabbimden gelen bir beyyine üzerindeysem; katından bana bir rahmet vermiş de o rahmet sizin gözlerinizden saklanmışsa! Siz ona tiksintiyle bakarken, biz sizi ona zorla mı ulaştıracağız?” HÛD 28. (beyyine=delil)

    “Nuh şöyle yakardı: “Ey Rabbim! Ben toplumumu gece gündüz davet ettim. Fakat çağrım, onların kaçışlarını artırmaktan başka bir işe yaramadı. Ben onları, sen kendilerini affedesin diye çağırdıkça, parmaklarını kulaklarına tıkadılar, elbiselerine büründüler, inat ve ısrar ettiler ve kibirlendikçe kibirlendiler.” Nuh 5-7

    “Hem ben sizden buna karşı bir mal da istemiyorum. Benim ücretim Allah’tandır.” Hud 29

    “Ben size demiyorum ki, Allah’ın hazineleri benim yanımdadır. Ben gaybı bilmem. Ben bir meleğim de demiyorum. Ama gözlerinizin horlayarak baktığı kişiler için, ’Allah bunlara hiçbir hayır vermeyecek’ diyemem. Onların benliklerinde neyin saklı olduğunu Allah daha iyi bilir. Başka türlü davranırsam kesinlikle zalimlerden olurum.” HÛD 31

    “Dediler ki: “Ey Nuh! Sen bizimle uğraştın, bizimle mücadelede çok da ileri gittin. Eğer doğru sözlülerden isen bizi tehdit ettiğin şeyi ortaya getir.” HÛD 32.

    “Nuh dedi: “Onu size, dilediği takdirde ancak Allah getirir, siz de hiçbir engel çıkaramazsınız.” HÛD 33.

    “Nuh’a şöyle vahyolundu: “Toplumundan, daha önce inanmış olanlar dışında hiç kimse iman etmeyecektir. Artık onların yaptıkları yüzünden tasalanıp durma.” HÛD 36.

    “Vahyimize bağlı olarak gözlerimizin önünde gemiyi yap. Ve zulmedenler hakkında benimle karşılıklı laf edip durma. Onlar, mutlaka boğulacaklardır.” HÛD 37.

    “Gemiyi yapıyordu. Toplumundan her hangi bir grup yanından geçtikçe onunla alay ediyorlardı. Dedi ki Nuh: “Bizimle alay ediyorsanız, biz de sizinle alay edeceğiz. Tıpkı sizin eğlendiğiniz gibi.” HÛD 38.

    “Nihayet emrimiz gelip de tandır kaynayınca şöyle seslendik: “Yükle içine her birinden ikişer çift ve aleyhinde hüküm verilen hariç olmak üzere aileni, bir de iman etmiş olanları.” Ama Nuh’la birlikte çok az bir kısmı iman etmişti.” HÛD 40.

    “Nuh dedi: “Binin içine! Onun akıp gitmesi de demir atması da Allah’ın adıyladır. Benim Rabbim elbette ki Gafur’dur, Rahim’dir”. HÛD 41.

    “Gemi onları, dağlar gibi dalgalar üstünden yürütüp götürüyordu. Nuh onlardan ayrı bir yerde duran oğluna seslendi: “Oğulcuğum, bizimle beraber bin, kafirlerle beraber olma.” HÛD 42.

    “Oğlu cevap verdi: “Bir dağa sığınacağım, beni sudan korur.” Nuh dedi: “Allah’ın merhamet ettiği dışında hiç kimse için Allah’ın kararından kurtaracak yoktur.” Ve ikisi arasına dalga girdi de o, boğulanlar arasına katıldı.” HÛD 43.

    “Bu arada Nuh, Rabbine yakardı da dedi ki: “Rabbim, oğlum benim ailemdendi! Senin vaadin elbette haktır. Sen, hakimlerin, hükmü en güzel verenisin.” HÛD 45

    “Allah buyurdu: “Ey Nuh! O, senin ailenden değildi. Yaptığı, iyi olmayan bir işti. Hakkında bilgin olmayan şeyi benden isteme. Cahillerden olmaman hususunda seni uyarırım.” HÛD 46.

    Hz. Nuh bunun üzerine Allah’tan affını dilemiş ve susmuştur.

    “Nuh dedi: “Rabbim! Hakkında bilgim olmayan şeyi senden istemekten sana sığınırım. Eğer beni affetmez, bana acımazsan hüsrana uğrayanlardan olurum.” HÛD 47.

    Tufan sularının çekilmesi üzerine Hz. Nuh’un gemisi Cudi Dağı’na oturmuştur.

    “Ve denildi: “Ey yer! Suyunu yut ve ey gök, sen de tut.”Ve su çekildi. İş bitirilmişti. Gemi, Cudi üzerine oturdu ve haykırıldı: “O zalimler topluluğu geri gelmez olsun!” HÛD 44.

  22. why not just have noah and the animals go to the top of mt. ararat (sp?), and flood only that below the occupied peak? disregarding the volume of water of course.

    and since the ark would not have a sail or propulsion, why not make it square, which would be more stable. The long, skinny version is a human design idea due to the need for more efficient propulsion.
    If there is a sentient creator- why create living beings in such an incredibly efficient manner, then turn around and act like a complete noob of an engineer?

    attributing this design to God is an insult

  23. Edward Wilcock Says:

    The story of god, noah and his ark is so ridiculous, it is a
    complete waste of time debating it. Strange minds.

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  26. All very very worrying. If there was a god he would be stumped trying to help this lot.

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    The Fallacy of the Flood (Noah’s Ark) | Doubting Thomas’ Weblog

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