Save Yourself From Religion!

Save Yourself From Religion! 

Robert M. Pirsig: “When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.”

All gods have been invented by man. Since the earliest days of our existence we have created gods to comfort our fears (mainly death) and explain the unexplainable. It’s absurd to suggest that primitive humans guessed wrongly about everything else, but were spot on regarding the origins of life. Once upon a time it was our god(s) who caused the lightning to strike and the thunder to rumble, same with the windstorms, plagues, tidal waves, floods, and earthquakes. It was our god(s) who lifted the sun into the sky (if the sun itself wasn’t the god) and darkened the moon. How many times has something, especially the origin of something, that was once attributed to a god, had the truth revealed by science? Whenever a new truth is discovered, some religious belief falters. And rarely, if ever, does a new scientific discovery ever support any religious theory. Just how many of the stories of the bible need to be proven fallacies before those who hold its pages in reverence will begin to question their conviction? Let’s face it, there are many who, even with the evidence of a story’s fiction placed right before them, will deny its validity before they even consider denying the absoluteness of their holy book. Is there truly any way to convince such people? Is faith simply a synonym for willful ignorance? How is it that the faithful can so casually dismiss ALL the other gods and religions mankind has invented over the years, acknowledging that they are ALL fallacious man made drivel, ALL, that is, with the exception of THEIR god and their particular religion? Could there be a more perfect example of arrogance and narcissism?

On what do you base your faith? Dogma? The pretty, comforting scripture you repeat over and over like a mantra, carefully avoiding the rest of the biblical passages that are utterly horrifying and/or obviously fiction? Are you simply the faith of your parents? And by parents, I mean original/birth parents. Are you more likely to belong to the faith of those who birthed you or those who raised you? If, at 4 years old, your parents died while taking you on a Christian missionary expedition through the mountains of Afghanistan, and a local family of Muslims found you and raised you as their own, do you really think you wouldn’t grow up a Muslim? Why would God allow a Muslim family to lead one of his children away from the one, true faith? Is it because what religion you belong to is completely arbitrary? And can anything arbitrary ever be taken as an absolute?

The truth WILL set you free. But you will not find it in the pages of the bible or any other religious doctrine. But please do read the bible, and in its ENTIRETY, but do so with open eyes and a clear mind. No one who does so can possibly come away having any desire to glory in the god depicted in its pages. 

Please visit my main page ( to gain a better understanding of where I am coming from. There you will find all my observations regarding religion and the bible categorized on the left hand side of the page. Please feel free to read through them and leave a comment or two if you like.


4 Responses to “Save Yourself From Religion!”

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    The above says it all. You may want to seek professional help.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Papa, you copy and paste the tags from my post and suggest I need professional help? Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I believe tags are there to help others find your post. My tag list is based on what people who might enjoy reading my blog might type into a search. For example, ‘God is Dead’ is a popular book, the readers of which I thought might enjoy my blog. To reiterate; I tried to come up with short word combos that would most likely be typed into a search engine by someone who would appreciate this site. In what bizarre world does that signify that I need professional help, Papa?

    And I assume by professional help that you mean therapy with a psychologist? Ok, here is a simple scenario for you to consider. There are two people; Person #1 is someone who demands proof before dedicating their lives to a thing or taking any action for or against a thing. They do not believe in the supernatural. They view all claims that lack any evidence to support them with a skeptical eye. They believe that nothing that is true has anything to fear from a little scrutiny and as a result, believe that one should scrutinize any and all things one believes in if for no other reason than to be certain they are not standing behind something that is untrue. NOW, Person #2 is someone who passionately believes in the supernatural. They dedicate their entire lives to a theory that has SO LITTLE evidence to support its validity, that in order to believe in it one must rely entirely on the HOPE that it is true, also known as faith. They passionately believe that a collection of stories, many of which have been proven to be fallacies, are, in fact, true. They acknowledge that thousands of magical beings possessing special powers that were invented by man over the years are, in fact, made up nonsense. However, they adamantly believe that the magical being with special powers THEY believe in WASN’T invented by man and is very real. They consistently talk to this magical, invisible being even though it NEVER talks back. Or if it does, no one else but them ever hears its voice. Papa, honestly, which of these two people is a psychologist more likely to believe needs help?

    Papa, I understand that you are a passionate believer and none of my observations cataloged on this site will have any effect on your beliefs, but please restrain yourself from visiting my site and suggesting that because I don’t share your faith that I must be psychologically damaged.

  3. William B. Graves Says:

    IS it wrong to say that, the bible is obviously a fictional fairy tale. I mean I believe that no powers or either gods ever exist, but damn why do people still believe in something so obviously not true?

  4. Bottom line: until reality based thinking becomes organized to the point of actively engaging their community none of these thoughts or perspectives matter because crazy will always be the dominant segment of society because they’re organized. It doesn’t matter that all religions are flat out lies because they got the only thing that matters correct. And that is if people practice a set of beliefs, those beliefs become real. Religions world wide have a great thing going, they’ve managed to combine a collective and consensual practice of beliefs, community building activities, and a self sustainable business model all in one. So, it doesn’t matter that there isn’t a god and the foundation of all religions’ beliefs have little to no foundation in reality, because religions largely satisfy a spectrum of real human needs. Until atheists decide to organize and build something that can compete with a church all the realizations and hard earned learning is likely to die with them only to have to be rebuilt by the next generation with varying success dependent directly upon the marketing success of their area’s religion.

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