Why Is God Such A Dick To The Jews?

Why Is God Such A Dick To The Jews?


Even God’s chosen people aren’t immune to his cruelty, in fact, it could be argued they are treated most cruelly of all. God sells Israel to the king of Mesopotamia for 8 years because the Israelites intermarried with Gentiles & worshiped gods other than him Judges 3:8. He ‘smites’ Israel and delivers the Jews to the Moabite Kings for 18 years Judges 3:14. He sells the Jews to the king of Canaan for 20yrs Judges 4:2. He delivers the Jews to the Midianites for 7 years Judges 6:1. He allows Jerusalem & Judah to fall into the hands of the Philistines for 40 years and to be under the rule of Babylonia for 70 years Judges 13:1.

 Num 11:31-33 – When the Jews complain of the lack of meat to eat during their forced march through the desert for forty years, God gets mad (again) & sends quail to cover the ground a days travel in each direction and piled up three feet high. He then smote the Jews with a very great plague.

Another great example of one of the absurd stories of the bible. Does anybody really believe a three foot high pile of quail covered the earth for miles in every direction? Seriously?

 Num 14 – Because the Jews weren’t thrilled with the idea of moving to Canaan, God was furious (what’s new) and cursed the entire congregation (even those who had not complained. God, being fair as usual) to wander one year for each of the 40 days (40 years) Moses’ spies had spent on the scouting expedition. 

Num 21:5-9 – After complaining about the lack of bread and water and sick of manna, God sends fiery serpents to bite the Jews & many die as a result. Does God decide to stop them? No. Instead, Moses has to use Old Testament magic & fasten a brass serpent to a pole & whoever sees it will be cured.

After many years of service and sacrifice, Moses is forbidden from entering the Promised Land because he struck a rock in anger while trying to produce water. He had early succeeded in this by God’s own instruction. Moses’ brother Aaron is also forbidden from entering even though he did nothing wrong. Num 20:11, 12 & Deut 34. 

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9 Responses to “Why Is God Such A Dick To The Jews?”

  1. If you base your sense of history on a particular people’s religious writings, it won’t be very objective. Certainly the Jewish people have often been scapegoated, but they aren’t the center of the universe when it comes to suffering. For example, I read that one of the Great Lakes, I forget which, is named after a Native American tribe that was literally exterminated by the Iroquois prior to white settlement.

  2. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Sure, sure. But my point was, according to the bible, this is God’s chosen people. Why do the Jewish people worship this guy?

  3. Thomas,
    I know it’s glib, but the answer is rather simple: because the Jews were recalcitrant, ungrateful, and disrespectful to Him. They mistreated Him. He followed through on the dictates of His covenant with them, just as it was outlined in the Law of Moses.
    They wanted something material to worship instead of looking within to find His divine presence within themselves.
    Of course, from a lit crit point of view, God does seem to be portrayed as a spoiled child prone to tantrums. Which, amazingly enough, seems to make it alright for good Christian folk to take a strop to their kids for no particular reason but because they are angry at the ‘stupid bastard’.
    Why should we treat each other any better than animals? After all, it is patently obvious, according to many interpretations of the Bible, that we are all damaged goods to begin with. Sorry . . . seem to have gone off on a tangential rant.
    My point is that the I Am was enforcing his own dictates; according to those dictates, as clearly outlined in Leviticus and Deut., the entire nation was disrespecting the Law and their captivity was the natural consequence of disrespecting that Law and its author, God.
    People worship any God for the same reasons: faith, fear, or profit.

  4. 1. I am Jewish, and studied in Jewish school since kindergarden…
    I gotta say. He wanted us, the “stiffed neck nation” , the last person who would believe in something else, and convince them to do all his huge law code. 613 commandments! In order to show the greatness of the Bible. Even the least convincible ppl would obey His laws.
    2. We are the chosen nation. What does it mean practically?
    We need to do 613 laws, or we go to hell. All other nations may only do 7, the Noahide code. And you are amazing!
    Now we got the promised land! Great! You guys got the entire world! I don’t even like middle east weather! I have no option. I do, but with horrible consequences…
    Now, here between us, I think the greatest challenge for all Jews is to marry someone Jewish. Community spoils the fun and stuffs the girls’ egos up to heaven!
    May G-D, Blessed be He, save my soul!
    Enjoy your lives, gentiles! I envy your freedom///

  5. Jake:

    You could always become a messianic Jew 😉

  6. Funny people I can tell you God not only mocks Jews its more like a test; it really depends how you look at it. God is always there testing, and really the only thing you can do is obey, that is how simple it is. If you oppose God according to your thinking its your only downfall no one suffers but you, if you obey God then its your benefit and no one benefits but you. Dont use logic when dealing with God he will always outsmart you. Human beings can be jerks, its not always God who is making things hard; but in retaliation if you take your anger on God and complain your life becomes hell not theirs. So its in best interest to be silent and obey God and give him thanks. Whenever problem arises be patient.

  7. God is a filthy Cock Sucker.

  8. God and Jesus can both go eat Shit and Die.

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