“A myth is a religion in which no one any longer believes.” – James Feibleman

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  • What light through yonder window breaks? – On the first day God separated the light to rule the day & the lesser light to rule the night, also the stars. Gen 1:16. And yet the sun, moon and stars aren’t set into the formation until the fourth day.


  • Define Good – God declares everything is ‘good’. Does that mean good = deserts, swamps, frozen wastelands, germs, viruses, bacteria, beasts of prey, leeches, hornets, poisonous snakes & spiders, tsetse flies, fire ants, plague carrying rats, malaria bearing mosquitoes, extreme climates, storms, floods, earthquakes & volcanoes?


  • How can the innocent sin? – Adam & Eve are deemed the first sinners. How can anyone who doesn’t know right from wrong be expected to practice obedience? How can the innocent sin?


  • God is NOT a member of PETA – To help Adam & Eve hide their shame (their nakedness) God fashions skins for them to wear. Does he kill the animals he has just created just for their skins (fur)? Does he sew? Does he teach them to sew? What do they use? Bone and pig gut? So God is pro fur then?


  • Always the innocent suffer – After the devil deceives Eve, God, in all his infinite wisdom, punishes the serpent that the devil disguised himself as. God’s punishment is to have it crawl upon its belly from that day forward. Are we to believe a serpent was a legged animal before this point? Just how many legs would be required for a snake to get along? Are there any records of any mammal or reptile (non insect) ever with more than four legs?


  • A bloodthirsty God – Clearly God is not a vegetarian. His disdain for the ‘fruit of the ground’ resulted in the first murder, by the first offspring, by his very first creation. Didn’t he judge all his creation ‘good’? What kind of being could only be appeased by blood shed? Why did an innocent animal have to be slaughtered to satisfy God’s bloodthirst? How many lives, both animal and human, were lost in order to appease God’s need for bloodshed?


  • You can’t blame the parents – What kind of parents were Adam and Eve if their first son becomes a killer? Could they really be expected to have done any better? Cast out by a thoughtless, heartless, vengeful, evil God for being too innocent to see through the deceptions of a being almost as powerful as God himself, left to fend for themselves with little or no guidance from their creator (we didn’t ask to be created, you know!), it’s no surprise they did such a piss poor job.


  • Who were these companions of God? – As revealed in Gen 1:26 & Gen 3:22 God had companions in the ‘nowhere’ he existed in before he created everything. If not angels, who were they?


  • Flawed from the start – A ‘vast’ number of angels side with Satan in the rebellion in heaven. Matt 25:41. Why is it, that even before the earth and humanity is created, already those who know God are dissatisfied with him?


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3 Responses to “IN THE BEGINNING”

  1. People were bad at writing fairy tales back in those days.

    • Dear Thomas,

      I would like to save your soul, so to speak.

      Christian theology is hardly concerned with the origins of the universe or such questions at all, and you err most fundamentally on this assumption of theology. Thomas Aquinas was quite content to believe the universe itself had always been, that is to say, it had no origin at all. Asking what God’s reasoning was in creating the universe is not an answerable question. I am sure this is going to be met with a scoff, but to treat the god of Christianity as a “giant creature” is a fundamental category error about what God is. You are erroneously assuming He is a rational superbeing, that he spent time contemplating the results of his action before acting (like a 16 year old would before shoplifting a pack of nicorette). The Christian God is not a utilitarian architect, responsible for creating a world with nothing bad in it; rather, Christianity offers an answer to the question of why there is something rather than nothing. He sustains the universe by His love, and created it as a gift. There was nothing in it for him (he is self sustaining) at all, and it may as well never have happened at all.

      The God of Christian theology (orthodox Christian theology if nothing else) will be recognized when the poor are cared for, the hungry are fed, and the sick are aided. That is more or less the point of Christianity, certainly not to explain the origins of the universe. The Bible is not “bad science,” because its scope and concerns are beyond the limits of scientific inquiry. Instead, you ask asinine questions like “how cud their b light and no stars yo!?” Seriously, this is a Texan fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible at best, and certainly not orthodox. Don’t believe me? Read Origen. The Bible is not some scholarly reviewed empiricist journal article, it’s a collection of 3000 year old narratives and –I hope you’re sitting down– its claims are theological, not scientific, big shocker there!

      And before trying to dismiss this all as Christian propaganda, don’t, because I am not one, I do my best to avoid misinformed prejudice either way. But you had best do some reading before putting so much effort into some pernicious diatribe on a religion you fundamentally misunderstand. Don’t get me wrong, this is to say even less in favour of the Christians trying to defend themselves! A witches brew of platitudes!

      • Heir,

        Usually I thank people for leaving a comment, however, when someone simply copies and pastes a general comment on my site that clearly wasn’t written in response to one or any of my posts, well, that’s just annoying. If you had taken the time to explore my site you would see that I do not have a –fundamental misunderstanding– of Christianity. Far from it.

        Next time you wish to leave a comment on my site, please don’t simply copy and paste one you’ve left on someone else’s. Time is not something I enjoy wasting.


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