Good To Know

“It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop than with a brawling woman.” Prov. 25:24


4 Responses to “Good To Know”

  1. First: I do not believe for one moment that “God” had anything whatsoever to do with directing, or inspiring, the book we call the Bible. I believe it was written my men as savage and as brutal as any people living in the Middle East three, four or five thousand years ago. With that said, I agree whole-heartedly with Proverbs 25:24. I use to feel pity for my father-in-law who was married to such a woman. However, howabout women who marry men who abuse them, not only verbally, but physically? Probverbs has nothing to say regarding the plight of women in such a case. The entire book is but another example of “God’s” scorn for women.

  2. Mary,

    I’m a firm believer that the word misogynist was created to describe the authors of the bible.

    Thanks again for your words.


  3. Mary, ….wow…. Im not really too sure where to start with this, I’ve been away for a while and am kinda out of the groove of things so i haven’t really gotten to read any of your other comments to see your view on things but I feel the need to say something here.
    You say that the book we call the Bible is not divinely inspired?

    Allow me to give you a little bit of my train of thought at hearing this.
    Jesus comes to earth, He says that the Father(God) has his hand in the writing of the bible. So by your thoughts that Makes Jesus a liar, this leaves his sacrifice imperfect, this leaves me unsaved, this means I’m food for worms.
    So yeah, think about that for a lil bit and respond please. thx

  4. whiteman0o0,

    As someone who has read everything Mary has written, I will attempt to give you some insight. Neither Mary nor I believe for one second that Jesus was the son of God. If he existed he was just one of a multitude of self proclaimed messiahs. You are ‘unsaved’ not because Jesus was a liar and his sacrifice was imperfect but because there is no god to save you, nor any of us. Baal will not save anyone. Zeus will not save anyone. Krishna will not save anyone. Ra will not save anyone. None of the thousands of gods mankind has invented over the years will save you, me, Mary or anybody else. You are worm food just as I will be, just as EVERY OTHER LIVING THING on the face of the earth will be. This is not a tragedy. This is not a loss. This is not depressing. This is biology. This is life. What is depressing is spending one’s entire life devoted to the hope that an absurd ideal is fact and not fiction when ALL the evidence proves that it is otherwise. Perhaps you’d also like to reveal to Mary that you are a ‘Young Earther’ who believes that the world is only a few thousand years old. You usually argue better than this, whiteman0o0. What gives?


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