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Listed are only events that solely occurred on command of church authorities or were committed in the name of Christianity. (List incomplete):

Ancient Pagans

As soon as Christianity was legal (315), more and more pagan temples  were destroyed by Christian mob. Pagan priests were killed. Between 315 and 6th century thousands of pagan believers were slain.

Examples of destroyed Temples: the Sanctuary of Aesculap in Aegaea, the Temple of Aphrodite in Golgatha Aphaka in Lebanon, the Heliopolis.

Christian priests such as Mark of Arethusa or Cyrill of Heliopolis were famous as “temple destroyer.” [DA468] Pagan services became punishable by death in 356. [DA-468]

Christian Emperor Theodosius (408-450) even had children executed,  because they had been playing with remains of pagan statues. [DA-469]

According to Christian chroniclers he “followed meticulously all Christian teachings…” In 6th century pagans were declared void of all rights. In the early fourth century the philosopher Sopatros was executed on demand of Christian authorities. [DA-466]

The world famous female philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria was torn to pieces with glass fragments by a hysterical Christian mob led by a  Christian minister named Peter, in a church, in 415.[DO-19-25]


 Emperor Karl (Charlemagne) in 782 had 4500 Saxons, unwilling to convert to Christianity, beheaded. [DO-30]

Peasants of Steding (Germany) unwilling to pay suffocating church taxes: between 5,000 and 11,000 men, wome and children slain 5/27/1234 near Altenesch/Germany. [WW-223]

Battle of Belgrad 1456: 80,000 Turks slaughtered. [DO-235]

15th century Poland: 1019 churches and 17987 villages plundered by Knights of the Order. Victims unknown. [DO-30]

16th and 17th century Ireland. English troops “pacified and civilized”  Ireland, where only Gaelic “wild Irish”, “unreasonable beasts lived  without any knowledge of God or good manners, in common of their goods, cattle, women, children and every other thing.” One of the more successful soldiers, a certain Humphrey Gilbert, half-brother of Sir Walter Raleigh, ordered that “the heads of all those (of whatsoever they were) which were killed in the die, should be cut off from their bodies… and should bee laid on the ground by each side of the waie”, which effort to civilize the Irish indeed caused “great terror to the people when they saw the heads of their dead fathers, brothers, children, kinsfolk, and  friends on the ground”. Tens of thousands of Gaelic Irish fell victim to the carnage. [SH-99, 225]

Crusades (1095-1291)

 First Crusade: 1095 on command of pope Urban II. [WW11-41] 

Semlin/Hungary 6/24/96 thousands slain. Wieselburg/Hungary 6/12/96 thousands. [WW-23] .9/9/96-9/26/96 Nikaia, Xerigordon (then Turkish), thousands respectively. [WW-25-27]

Until Jan 1098 a total of 40 capital cities and 200 castles conquered (Number of slain unknown) [WW30] fter 6/3/98 Antiochia (then Turkish)  conquered, between 10,000 and 60,000 slain. 6/28/98 100,000 Turks incl. women & children) killed. [WW-32-35]

Here the Christians “did no other harm to the women found in [the Enemy’s] tents – save that they ran their lance hrough their bellies,” according to Christian chronicler Fulcher of Chartres. [EC-60]

Marra (Maraat an-numan) 12/11/98 thousands killed. Because of the  subsequent famine “the already stinking corpses of the enemies were eaten by the Christians” said chronicler Albert Aquensis. [WW-36]

Jerusalem conquered 7/15/1099 more than 60,000 victims (Jewish, Muslim, men, women, and children). [WW3 0] In the words of one witness: “there [in front of Solomon’s temple] was such a carnage that our people were wading ankle-deep in the blood of our foes”, and after that “happily and crying for joy our people Marched to our Savior’s tomb, to honor it and to pay off our debt of gratitude”). e Archbishop of Tyre, eye-witness, wrote: “It was impossible to look upon the vast numbers of the slain without horror; everywhere lay fragments of human bodies, and the very ground was covered with the blood of the slain. It was not alone the spectacle of headless bodies and mutilated limbs strewn in all directions that roused the horror of all who looked upon them. Still more dreadful was it to gaze upon the victors themselves, dripping with blood from head to foot, an ominous sight which brought terror to all who met them. It is reported that within the Temple enclosure alone about ten thousand infidels perished.”  [TG-79]

Christian chronicler Eckehard of Aura noted that “even the following summer in all of Palestine the air was polluted by the stench of decomposition. One million victims of the first crusade alone. [WW-41]

Battle of Askalon, /12/1099. 200,000 heathens slaughtered “in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. [WW-45]

Fourth crusade: 4/12/1204 Constantinople sacked, number of victims unknown, numerous thousands, many of them Christian. [WW-141-148]

Rest of Crusades in less detail: until the fall of Akkon 1291 probably 20 million victims (in the Holy Land and Arab/Turkish areas alone).  [WW-224]

Note: All figures according to contemporary (Christian) chroniclers.


Already in 385 C.E. the first Christians, the Spanish Priscillianus and six followers, were beheaded for heresy in Trier/Germany [DO-26] 

Manichaean heresy: a crypto-Christian sect decent enough to practice birth control (and thus not as irresponsible as faithful Catholics) was  exterminated in huge campaigns all over the Roman empire between 372 C.E. and 444 C.E. Numerous thousands of victims. [NC]

Albigensians: the first Crusade intended to slay other Christians.  [DO-29]

The Albigensians (cathars) viewed themselves as good Christians, but would not accept roman Catholic rule, and taxes, and prohibition of birth control. (thousands burned alive) [NC]

Begin of violence: on command of pope Innocent III (greatest single pre-nazi mass murderer) in 1209. Beziérs (today France) 7/22/1209 destroyed, all the inhabitants were slaughtered. Victims (including Catholics refusing to turn over their heretic neighbors and friends) 20,000-70,000. [WW179-181]

Carcassonne 8/15/1209, thousands slain. Other cities followed. [WW181]

subsequent 20 years of war until nearly all Cathars (probably half the population of the Languedoc, today southern France) were Exterminated. [WW183]

After the war ended (1229) the Inquisition was founded 1232 to search  and destroy surviving/hiding heretics. Last Cathars burned at the stake 1324. [WW183]. Estimated one million victims (cathar heresy alone), [WW183]

Other heresies: Waldensians, Paulikians, Runcarians, Josephites, and many others. Most of these sects exterminated, (I believe some Waldensians live today, yet they had to endure 600 years of persecution) I estimate at least hundred thousand victims (including the Spanish inquisition but excluding victims in the New World).

Spanish Inquisitor Torquemada alone allegedly responsible for 10,220 burnings. [DO28]

John Huss, a critic of papal infallibility and indulgences, was burned at the stake in 1415. [LI475-522]. University professor B.Hubmaier burned at the stake 1538 in Vienna. [DO59]

Giordano Bruno, Dominican monk, after having been incarcerated for seven years, was burned at the stake for heresy on the Campo dei Fiori (Rome) on 2/17/1600.


From the beginning of Christianity to 1484 probably more than several thousand. In the era of witch hunting (1484-1750) according to modern scholars several hundred thousand (about 80% female) burned at the stake or Hanged. [WV]incomplete list of documented cases:The Burning of Witches – A Chronicle of the Burning Times 

Religious Wars

15th century: Crusades against Hussites, thousands slain. [DO30]

1538 pope Paul III declared Crusade against apostate England and all English as slaves of Church (fortunately had not power to go into action). [DO31]

1568 Spanish Inquisition Tribunal ordered extermination of 3 million rebels in (then Spanish) Netherlands. Thousands were actually slain. [DO31]

1572 In France about 20,000 Huguenots were killed on command of pope Pius V. Until 17th century 200,000 flee. [DO31]

17th century: Catholics slay Gaspard de Coligny, a Protestant leader. After murdering him, the Catholic mob mutilated his body, “cutting off his head, his hands, and his genitals… and then dumped him into the river […but] then, deciding that it was not worthy of being food for the fish, they hauled it out again [… and] dragged what was left … to the gallows of Montfaulcon, ‘to be meat and carrion for maggots and Crows’.” [SH191]

17th century: Catholics sack the city of Magdeburg/Germany: roughly 30,000 Protestants were slain. “In a single church fifty women were found beheaded,” reported poet Friedrich Schiller, “and infants still sucking the breasts of their lifeless mothers.” [SH191]

17th century 30 years’ war (Catholic vs. Protestant): at least 40% of  population decimated, mostly in Germany. [DO31-32] 


Already in the 4th and 5th centuries synagogues were burned by  Christians. Number of Jews slain unknown. 

In the middle of the fourth century the first synagogue was destroyed on command of bishop Innocentius of Dertona in Northern Italy. The first  synagogue known to have been burned down was near the river Euphrat, on command of the bishop of Kallinikon in the year 388. [DA450]

Council of Toledo 694: Jews were enslaved, their property confiscated, and their children forcibly baptized. [DA454]

The Bishop of Limoges (France) in 1010 had the cities’ Jews, who would  not convert to Christianity, expelled or killed. [DA453]

First Crusade: Thousands of Jews slaughtered 1096, maybe 12.000 total.

Places: Worms 5/18/1096, Mainz 5/27/1096 (1100 persons), Cologne, Neuss, Altenahr, Wevelinghoven, Xanten, Moers, Dortmund, Kerpen, Trier, Metz, Regensburg, Prag and others (All locations Germany except Metz/France, Prag/Czech) [EJ]

Second Crusade: 1147. Several hundred Jews were slain in Ham, Sully,

Carentan, and Rameru (all locations in France). [WW57]

Third Crusade: English Jewish communities sacked 1189/90. [DO40]

Fulda/Germany 1235: 34 Jewish men and women slain. [DO41]

1257, 1267: Jewish communities of London, Canterbury, Northampton, Lincoln, Cambridge, and others exterminated. [DO41]

1290 in Bohemian (Poland) allegedly 10,000 Jews killed. [DO41]

1337 Starting in Deggendorf/Germany a Jew-killing craze reaches 51 towns in Bavaria, Austria, Poland. [DO41]

1348 All Jews of Basel/Switzerland and Strasbourg/France (two thousand) burned. [DO41]

1349 In more than 350 towns in Germany all Jews murdered, mostly brned live (in this one year more Jews were killed than Christians in 200 years of ancient Roman persecution of Christians). [DO42]

1389 In Prag 3,000 Jews were slaughtered. [DO42] 

1391 Seville’s Jews killed (Archbishop Martinez leading). 4,000 were slain, 25,000 sold as slaves. [DA454] Their identification was made easy by the brightly colored “badges of shame” that all Jews above the age of ten had been forced to wear.

1492: In the year Columbus set sail to conquer a New World, more than 150,000 Jews were expelled from Spain, many died on their way: 6/30/1492. [MM470-476]

1648 Chmielnitzki massacres: In Poland about 200,000 Jews were slain.  [DO43]

(I feel sick …) this goes on and on, century after century, right into the kilns of Auschwitz. (many believe Hitler was an atheist, which is debateable, but keep in mind the vast majority at his command, the ones actually commiting the autrocities, were Christians).

Native Peoples

Beginning with Columbus (a former slave trader and would-be Holy Crusader) the conquest of the New World began, as usual understood as a means to propagate Christianity.

Within hours of landfall on the first inhabited island he encountered in the Caribbean, Columbus seized and carried off six native people who, he said, “ought to be good servants … [and] would easily be made Christians, because it seemed to me that they belonged to no religion.”  [SH200]

While Columbus described the Indians as “idolaters” and “slaves, as  many as [the Crown] shall order,” his pal Michele de Cuneo, Italian  nobleman, referred to the natives as “beasts” because “they eat when they are hungry,” and made love “openly whenever they feel like it.” [SH204-205]

On every island he set foot on, Columbus planted a cross, “making the  declarations that are required” – the equerimiento – to claim the  wwnership for his Catholic patrons in Spain. And “nobody objected.” If the Indians refused or delayed their acceptance (or understanding), the requerimiento continued: “I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter in your country and shall make war against you … and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church … and shall do you all mischief that we can, as to vassals who do not obey and refuse to receive their lord and resist and contradict him.” [SH66]

Likewise in the words of John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony: “justifying the undertakers of the intended Plantation in New England … to carry the Gospel into those parts of the world, … and to raise a Bulwark against the kingdom of the Ante-Christ.” [SH235]

In average two thirds of the native population were killed by colonist-imported smallpox before violence began. This was a great sign of “the marvelous goodness and providence of God” to the Christians of course, e.g. the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony wrote in 1634, as “for the natives, they are near all dead of the smallpox, so as the Lord hath cleared our title to what we possess.” [SH109,238]

On Hispaniola alone, on Columbus visits, the native population (Arawak), a rather harmless and happy people living on an island of abundant natural resources, a literal paradise, soon mourned 50,000 Dead. [SH204]

The surviving Indians fell victim to rape, murder, enslavement and Spanish raids.

As one of the culprits wrote: “So many Indians died that they could not be counted, all through the land the Indians lay dead everywhere. The stench was very great and pestiferous.” [SH69]

The Indian chief Hatuey fled with his people but was captured and burned alive. As “they were tying him to the stake a Franciscan friar urged him to take Jesus to his heart so that his soul might go to heaven, rather than descend into hell. Hatuey replied that if heaven was where the Christians went, he would rather go to hell.” [SH70]

What happened to his people was described by an eyewitness: “The Spaniards found pleasure in inventing all kinds of odd cruelties … They built a long gibbet, long enough for the toes to touch the ground to prevent strangling, and hanged thirteen [natives] at a time in honor of Christ Our Savior and the twelve Apostles… then, straw was wrapped around their torn bodies and they were burned alive.”  [SH72]

Or, on another occasion: “The Spaniards cut off the arm of one, the leg or hip of another, and from some their heads at one stroke, like butchers cutting up beef and mutton for market. Six hundred, including the cacique, were thus slain like brute beasts…Vasco [de Balboa] ordered forty of them to be torn to pieces by dogs.” [SH83]

The “island’s population of about eight million people at the time of Columbus’s arrival in 1492 already had declined by a third to a half  before the year 1496 was out.” Eventually all the island’s natives were exterminated, so the Spaniards were “forced” to import slaves from other Caribbean islands, who soon suffered the same fate. Thus “the Caribbean’s millions of native people [were] thereby effectively liquidated in barely a quarter of a century”. [SH72-73]

“In less than the normal lifetime of a single human being, an entire culture of millions of people, thousands of years resident in their homeland, had been exterminated.” [SH75]

“And then the Spanish turned their attention to the mainland of Mexico and Central America. The slaughter had barely begun. The exquisite city of Tenochtitlán [Mexico city] was next.” [SH75]

Cortez, Pizarro, De Soto and hundreds of other Spanish conquistadors  likewise sacked southern and mesoamerican civilizations in the name of  Christ (De Soto also sacked Florida). .”When the 16th century ended, some 200,000 Spaniards had moved to the Americas. By that time probably more than 60,000,000 natives were dead.” [SH95]

Of course no different were the founders of what today is the US of  America. Although none of the settlers would have survived winter without native help, they soon set out to expel and exterminate the Indians. Warfare among (north American) Indians was rather harmless, in comparison to European standards, and was meant to avenge insults rather than conquer land. In the words of some of the Pilgrim Fathers:

“Their Wars are far less bloody…” so that there usually was “no great slawter of nether side”. Indeed, “they might fight seven years and not kill seven men.” What is more, the Indians usually spared women and children. [SH111]

In the spring of 1612 some English colonists found life among the (generally friendly and generous) natives ttractive enough to leave Jamestown – “being idle … did run away unto the Indians,” – to live among them (that probably solved a sex problem).

“Governor Thomas Dale had them hunted down and executed: ‘some he  appointed (sic) to be hanged Some burned Some to be broken upon heels, others to be staked and some shot to death’.” [SH105] Of course these elegant measures were restricted for fellow Englishmen: “This was the treatment for those who wished to act like Indians. For those who had no choice in the matter, because they were the native people of Virginia”

Methods were ifferent: “when an Indian was accused by an Englishman of stealing a cup and failing to return it, the English response was to attack the natives in force, burning the entire community” down. [SH105]

On the territory that is now Massachusetts the founding fathers of the  colonies were committing genocide, in what has become known as the “Peqout War”. The killers were New England Puritan Christians, refugees from resection in their own home country England.

When however, a dead colonist was found, apparently killed by Narragansett Indians, the Puritan colonists wanted revenge. Despite the Indian chief’s pledge they attacked.

Somehow they seem to have lost the idea of what they were after,  because when they were greeted by Pequot Indians (long-time foes of the Narragansetts) the troops nevertheless made war on the Pequots and burned their villages.

The puritan commander-in-charge John Mason after one massacre wrote:

“And indeed such a dreadful Terror did the Almighty let fall upon their  Spirits, that they would fly from us and run into the very Flames, where many of them perished … God was above them, who laughed his Enemies and the Enemies of his People to Scorn, making them as a fiery Oven …

Thus did the Lord judge among the Heathen, filling the Place with dead Bodies”: men, women, children. [SH113-114]

So “the Lord was pleased to smite our Enemies in the hinder Parts, and to give us their land for an inheritance”. [SH111].

Because of his readers’ assumed knowledge of Deuteronomy, there was no need for Mason to quote the words that immediately follow: “Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth. But thou shalt utterly destroy them…” (Deut 20)

Mason’s comrade Underhill recalled how “great and doleful was the bloody sight to the view of the young soldiers” yet reassured his readers that “sometimes the Scripture declareth women and children must perish with their parents”. [SH114]

Other Indians were killed in successful plots of poisoning. The colonists even had dogs especially trained to kill Indians and to devour children from their mother’s breasts, in the colonists’ own words: “blood Hounds to draw after them, and Mastives to seaze them.” (This was inspired by Spanish methods of the time)

In this way they continued until the extermination of the Pequots was  near. [SH107-119]

The surviving handful of Indians “were parceled out to live in servitude. John Endicott and his pastor wrote to the governor asking for ‘a share’ of the captives, specifically ‘a young woman or girl and a boy if you think good’.” [SH115]

Other tribes were to follow the same path.  Comment the Christian exterminators: “God’s Will, which will at last give us cause to say: How Great is His Goodness! and How Great is his Beauty!” “Thus doth the Lord Jesus make them to bow before him, and to lick the Dust!” [TA]

Like today, lying was OK to Christians then. “Peace treaties were signed with every intention to violate them: when the Indians ‘grow secure upon (sic) the treatise’, advised the Council of State in Virginia, ‘we shall have the better Advantage both to surprise them, & cut down their Corn’.” [SH106]

In 1624 sixty heavily armed Englishmen cut down 800 defenseless Indian men, women and children. [SH107]

In a single massacre in “King Philip’s War” of 1675 and 1676 some “600 Indians were destroyed. A delighted Cotton Matter, revered pastor of the Second Church in Boston, later referred to the slaughter as a ‘barbecue’.” [SH115]

To summarize: Before the arrival of the English, the western Abenaki people in New Hampshire and Vermont had numbered 12,000. Less than half a century later about 250 remained alive – a destruction rate of 98%. The ocumtuck people had numbered more than 18,000, fifty years later they were down to 920 – 95% destroyed. The Quiripi-Unquachog people had  numbered about 30,000, fifty years later they were down to 1500 – 95% destroyed. The Massachusetts people had numbered at least 44,000, fifty years later barely 6000 were alive – 81% destroyed. [SH118]

These are only a few examples of the multitude of tribes living before Christian colonists set their foot on the New World. All this was before the smallpox epidemics of 1677 and 1678 had occurred. And the carnage was not over then.

All the above was only the beginning of the European colonization, it was before the frontier age actually had begun. A total of maybe more than 150 million Indians (of both Americas) were destroyed in the period of 1500 to 900, as an average two thirds by smallpox and other epidemics, that leaves some 50 million killed directly by violence, bad treatment and slavery. In many countries, such as Brazil, and Guatemala, this continues even today.

More Glorious events in US history:

Reverend Solomon Stoddard, one of New England’s most esteemed religious leaders, in “1703 formally proposed to he Massachusetts governor that the colonists be given the financial wherewithal to purchase and train large packs of dogs ‘to hunt Indians as they do bears’.” [SH241]

Massacre of Sand Creek, Colorado 11/29/1864. Colonel John Chivington, a former Methodist ministers and still elder in the church (“I long to be  wading in gore”) had a Cheyenne village of about 600, mostly women and children, gunned down despite the chiefs’ waving with a white flag: 400-500 killed.

From an eye-witness account: “There were some thirty or forty squaws collected in a hole for protection; they sent out a little girl about six years old with a white flag on a stick; she had not proceeded but a few steps when she was shot and killed. All the squaws in that hole were afterwards killed …” [SH131]

More gory details: By the 1860s, “in Hawai’i the Reverend Rufus Anderson surveyed the carnage that by then had reduced those slands’ native population by 90 percent or more, and he declined to see it as tragedy; the expected total die-off of the Hawaiian population was only natural, this missionary said, somewhat equivalent to ‘the amputation of diseased > members of the body’.” [SH244]

20th Century Church Atrocities

Catholic extermination camps Surpassingly few know that Nazi extermination camps in World War II were by no means the only ones in Europe at the time. In the years 1942-1943 also in Croatia existed numerous extermination camps, run by Catholic Ustasha under their dictator Ante Paveliç, a practicing Catholic and regular visitor to the then pope. There were even concentration camps exclusively for children!

In these camps – the most notorious was Jasenovac, headed by a Franciscan friar – orthodox-Christian Serbian (and a substantial number of Jews) were murdered. Like the Nazis the Catholic Ustasha burned their  victims in kilns, alive (the Nazis were decent enough to have their victims gassed first). But most of the victims were simply stabbed, slain or  shot to death, the number of them being estimated between 300,000 and  600,000, in a rather tiny country. Many of the killers were Franciscan friars. The atrocities were appalling enough to induce bystanders of the Nazi “Sicherheitsdient der SS”, watching, to complain about them to Hitler (who did not listen). The pope knew about these events and did nothing to prevent them. [MV]

Catholic terror in Vietnam

In 1954 Vietnamese freedom fighters – the Viet Minh – had finally defeated the French colonial government in North Vietnam, which by then had been supported by U.S. funds amounting to more than $2 billion. Although the coteries assured religious freedom to all (most non-Buddhist Vietnamese were Catholics), due to huge anticommunist propaganda campaigns  many Catholics fled to the South. With the help of Catholic lobbies in Washington and Cardinal Spellman, the Vatican’s spokesman in U.S. politics, who later on would call the U.S. forces in Vietnam “Soldiers of Christ”, a scheme was concocted to prevent democratic elections which  could have brought the communist Viet Minh to power in the South as well, and the fanatic Catholic Ngo Dinh Diem was made president of South Vietnam. [MW16ff]

Diem saw to it that U.S. aid, food, technical and general assistance was given to Catholics alone, Buddhist individuals and villages were ignored or had to pay for the food aids which were given to Catholics for free. The only religious denomination to be supported was Roman Catholicism.

The Vietnamese McCarthyism turned even more vicious than its American counterpart. By 1956 Diem promulgated a presidential order which read:

“Individuals considered dangerous to the national defense and common security may be confined by executive order, to a concentration camp.”

Supposedly to fight communism, thousands of Buddhist protesters and monks were imprisoned in “detention camps.” Out of protest dozens of Buddhist teachers – male and female – and monks poured gasoline over themselves and burned themselves. (Note that Buddhists burned themselves: in comparison Christians tend to burn others). Meanwhile some of the prison camps, which in the meantime were filled with Protestant and even Catholic protesters as well, had turned into no-nonsense death camps. It is estimated that during this period of terror (1955-1960) at least 24,000 were wounded – mostly in street riots – 80,000 people were executed, 275,000 had been detained or tortured, and about 500,000 were sent to concentration or detention camps. [MW76-89].

To support this kind of government in the next decade thousands of  American GI’s lost their life.

Christianity kills the cat

On July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel, a 23-year-old student of a teachers college in Germany, died: she starved herself to death. For months she had been haunted by demonic visions and apparitions, and for months two Catholic priests – with explicit approval of the Catholic bishop of  Würzburg – additionally pestered and tormented the wretched girl with their exorcist rituals. After her death in Klingenberg hospital – her body was littered with wounds – her parents, both of them fanatical Catholics, were sentenced to six months for not having called for medical help. None of the priests was punished: on the contrary, Miss Michel’s grave today is a place of pilgrimage and worship for a number of similarly faithful Catholics (in the seventeenth century Würzburg was notorious for it’s extensive witch burnings). This case is only the tip of an iceberg of such evil superstition and has become known only because of its lethal outcome. [SP80]

Rwanda Massacres

In 1994 in the small African country of Rwanda in just a few months several hundred thousand civilians were butchered, apparently a conflict of the Hutu and Tootsie ethnic groups. For quite some time I heard only  rumors about Catholic clergy actively involved in the 1994 Rwanda  massacres. Odd denials of involvement were printed in Catholic Church  journals, before even anybody had openly accused members of the church.

Then, 10/10/96, in the newscast of S2 Aktuell, Germany – a station not at all critical to Christianity – the following was stated: “Anglican as well as Catholic priests and nuns are suspect of having actively participated in murders. Especially the conduct of a certain Catholic priest has been occupying the public mind in Rwanda’s capital Kigali for months. He was minister of the church of the Holy Family and allegedly murdered Tootsies in the most brutal manner. He is reported to have accompanied marauding Hutu militia with a gun in his cowl. In fact there has been a bloody laughter of Tootsies seeking shelter in his parish. Even two years after the massacres many Catholics refuse to set foot on the threshold of their church, because to them the participation of a certain part of the clergy in the slaughter is well established. There is almost no church in Rwanda that has not seen refugees – women, children, old – being brutally butchered facing the crucifix.

According to eyewitnesses clergymen gave away hiding Tootsies and  turned them over to the machetes of the Hutu militia. In connection with  these events again and again two Benedictine nuns are mentioned, both of whom have fled into a Belgian monastery in the meantime to avoid  prosecution. According to survivors one of them called the Hutu killers and led them to several thousand people who had sought shelter in her  monastery. By force the doomed were driven out of the churchyard and were murdered in the presence of the nun right in front of the gate. The other one is also reported to have directly cooperated with the murderers of the Hutu militia. In her case again witnesses report that she watched the slaughtering of people in cold blood and without showing response.

She is even accused of having procured some petrol used by the killers to set on fire and burn their victims alive…” [S2]

As can be seen from these events, the Christianity of the Dark Ages never come to an end.


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  1. well there you have it, yet another reason for you to not become a christian.

  2. Lone Wolf Says:

    I can’t wait to see the Christan responses. “Those weren’t true Christens” “The s called victims where evil and did *insert evil action here*” “Atheist have killed more. Stalin, Hitler and Mow where atheists” “Why don’t you ever talk about Islam or other religions?”

  3. Hypocrisy, though not condoned, is predicted in the Bible.

    All of these half-cooked, burnt-edged, egg shell ridden omelettes do not negate the recipe for the perfect omelette. They merely show you why you should follow the recipe.

    You see, what Thomas has done here is simply rehash the old “the church is full of hypocrites” excuse. At face value, most churches aren’t even full of people, much less hypocrites. But the idea is that we don’t want to associate with hypocrites. I couldn’t agree more. Of course, church isn’t the only place where one MAY encounter hypocrisy. I daresay, we should stay out of politics too! Ironically, by avoiding Christendom, you condemn yourself to spending eternity with every last hypocrite who ever lived! The Bible condemns hypocrites and warns that they will have their part in the lake of fire. There are no hypocrites in heaven, so if association with hypocrites bothers you, you should rather avoid hell!

    It is also important to note [even with respect to Lone Wolf’s comments] that not all that says it is Christian is so. Here in the USA, a good many folk consider themselves Christian because they were born in a “Christian nation,” but neither hold its belief nor fill its churches. These are called nominal Christians [when we’re being kind]. Too, we ought consider the historical atrocity of forced conversions. The Bible calls conversion an act of faith and free will. How could being baptised against one’s will make one a Christian, except in name only? And we also cannot discount those who have used Christianity for their own ends or for political gain. The Church was once a powerful institution and some men have not been above joining its ranks under false pretenses for power and riches. Even Darwin’s atheist father sent his son off to be a minister, not because he believed in Christendom but because he wanted his son to make something of himself!

    Hypocrisy [even on the grand scale of witch trials, crusades and inquisitions] is not possible unless there is a true standard by which to determine what is genuine versus what is a sham.
    So suppose they were all found to be Christians? Where are they in their walk then? Are they on the way in? Are they babes, fully capable of making errors and slipping into old habits? Are they studious in their Bible study and prayer so that they know how they ought to act and believe? Or are they just happy to have found “fire insurance” and areliving as they once did, with a few niceties and glosses thrown in? Are they on their way out, only half-believing what they say? And since they are still mere men, we must observe that even Christians are not perfect. They are capable of bias, malice, mistakes and, yes, even hypocrisy!

    We’re not perfect, nor are we even capable of such! Which is exactly why God sent His Son as the ultimate sacrifice for sin. If we were capable of perfect living, God would have spared His son and simply said, Try harder.

    Now [again with all due respect to Lone Wolf], a valid point must be made [again] that abominable acts are not found in Christendom alone. They are committed by atheists, Buddhists, politicians and all other sorts every day. That abominable acts are hypocrisy for Christendom, but not necessarily for atheism, for example, is undeniable.

    The fact remains that you can mount your list of Christian-related hypocrisy and abomination until it reaches Mars, but hypocrisy does not negate the possibility of the real McCoy. You’re positing guilt by association, by which I could rightly also condemn atheism.

    I’ve accused you of it before. You’re painting a stain-glass window black to suit what you want to believe about Christianity. But what about the orphanages and charities of Christianity? What about the universities and hospitals we’ve founded? What of our contributions to democracy in the form of self-evident rights [if Christianity is assumed] endowed upon us by our Creator and the idea of limited government? What of Mother Teresa and George Mueller?

    When will you actually deal with authentic Christianity? You’ve yet to say anything about why you’ve rejected Christianity or why you felt the need to throw the baby out with the bathwater and decide against the existence of God to boot.

    –Sirius Knott

  4. Lone Wolf Says:

    Wow. Ignoring the real point, dealing with another point which Thomas did not mention and the post does not imply and using the No True Scotsman fallacy.

  5. Sirius,

    You really need to read the top of the post. The above is a comment left by another visitor that was SOOOO long I cut and pasted it here.

    You ask when I will deal with authentic Christianity but I feel I need you to define that phrase. You see every Christian I encounter seems to believe THEIR particular version of Christianity IS the authentic one. Only one can be right, I bet you think it’s yours, don’t you, Sirius? And I have never denied that Christians do a great deal of good in this world. So do Scientologists. So do Hindus. So do Pagans. So do Witches. So do Atheists. The problem is most Christians refuse to even acknowledge the bad. They refuse to acknowledge the evil. They refuse to acknowledge the corruption. They refuse to acknowledge the genocide. They refuse to acknowledge the bigotry. They refuse to acknowledge the sexism. They refuse to acknowledge the lies. They refuse to acknowledge the contradictions. They refuse to acknowledge that the simple fact that there is SO much division among Christianity INauthenticates the religion. It is easy to focus only on the good and Paint It White, as you do, but I focus on the things that I know are difficult to face. I don’t Paint It Black, as you have accused me of doing on numerous occasions. I simply post the issues and questions that occurred to me while I was reexamining my faith. Visitors to this site may find them profound or they may find them superficial or they may find them unfair but this in no way invalidates them. I may wonder about something as silly as whether or not Adam and Eve defecated in the Garden of Eden after they ate but if I were to post that question I assure you I would be just as sincerely interested in reading how various Christians responded as I would be to the question of how God judges when or if a child or baby goes to heaven or hell and at what age this ‘free pass’ would expire. I (imagine bold print and underlined) find my questions worth asking, Sirius. Whether you do or not is irrelevant as you are only one Christian among many. But I thank you for your responses anyway for they help reveal how wide a discrepancy exists among those who believe in the bible.

    As for my personal reasons for no longer believing, well, that is hardly the point. This site isn’t about me. I am not the only one to have ever asked these questions or made these observations. All you need to know is that I once was as passionate a believer as you. I went to church every Sunday (and occasionally on Wednesday), I attended Private Christian Schools for the VAST majority of my education, bible study almost every day of the week, protested at clinics that provided abortions, proselytized, prayed, considered missionary work, no drugs, no smoking, no drinking, etc. And now I no longer believe (although I still don’t drink (much), smoke or do drugs). There was no dramatic or traumatic event. No individual Christian turned me off to the Christian faith. It was a gradual evolution that was the direct result of observing my fellow Christians (worldwide) and a critical reexamination of what I truly believed. My story is simply not that interesting or unique, Sirius. Sorry to disappoint.

    Take Care,


  6. Lone Wolf,

    I’ve addressed the issue as a whole instead of hitting it point-by-pontless-point. I have not addressed a different issue. If I have, I challenge you to tell us how you’ve come to this insipid conclusion.


    I fully admit to all of the evils that have been perpetrated in the name of Christendom. I equally admit to all fo the good that has been perpetrated in the name of Christendom.

    You do not admit the latter for consideration.

    And so you DO Paint It Black. Or have you offered a single comment on the good that actually exists in Christendom? Have you ever given it the benefit of the doubt?

    I fully realize that this particular list was left by someone else, but it remains that its on your blog and you’ve put it out there for an answer. You care about this one.

    So hypocrisy turned you off to Christianity? And so you decided that all of the half-cooked, burnt edged, egg shell ridden omelettes in your life were the result of a faulty recipe, instead of seeing them as reason to actually follow the recipe. I once took that road. I turned my back on the church, but I one day realized that I had never made up my mind about God. Hypocrisy doesn’t turn me off to Christianity because I realize, quite simply, that I’m perfectly capable of it. Anyone is, whether a Christian or not. All I’m concerned with is whether it’s true or not. Imperfect practictioners are irrelevant.

    My search led me back to orthodoxy. Authentic Christianity. Care for a definition? By orthodoxy I mean the sort of traditional Christianity believed, professed and practised by Christians who held to the basic tenets of the Apostle’s Creed as it has historically been understood. A bit wordy, but I think it gets the point across. CS Lewis and GK Chesterton offered similar definitions of orthodoxy.

    Your personal reasons for disbelieving, if you are to remain credible, are exactly the point. Let me restate it: Why should we take you seriously if you can offer no reason for why you believe as you do?

    again [ad infinitum], be honest,
    Sirius Knott

  7. Lone Wolf Says:

    Sorry for the delayed response, visiting relatives.
    You ignore the point of the post and use the “no true Scotsmen” fallacy. The point of the post is that allot of horrible things have been done in the name of God and Christianity by Christens (and if the fundamentalists in this country have there way and the US becomes a Christan theocracy, more will happen regardless of if the fundies intend for them to happen or not) and Christens ignore them or say “they weren’t true Christens”. There is no such thing as a “true Christan” as all Christens believe they are “true Christens” Who are we to believe? You? The fundies? The violent fundies? They all think they are true Christens and you can’t use the bible to determine who are “true Christens” cause its so self contradictory and doesn’t support Any version of the Christan religion.

    Christianity has had a violent past and there are still violent Christens today and violent Christianity isn’t going to go away cause the bible condones violence in the name of God.

  8. Lone Wolf,

    Your tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

    Everything else you said was antiChristian hubris.

    Sorry you’re so deluded.

    –Sirus Knott

  9. Lone Wolf Says:

    Anti-Christan? How?
    Christianity has a violent history? Just scroll up.
    Theres no “true Christens”? that is true. From Violent ultra fundamentalist to liberal, non-practising secular Christens, there all Christens.
    The bible is internally inconsistent? That is true.
    The bible doesn’t support any modern version of Christianity? That is true.
    The bible condone violence in name of God? That is true. Just check around this blog and the Internet.
    None of those are anti-Christan.
    And how am I tossing the baby out with the bathwater

  10. Sirius,

    You said – “Why should we take you seriously if you can offer no reason for why you believe as you do?”

    As I’ve said numerous times, this site is a collection of the various questions and observations that came to me upon observing my fellow Christian and the reexamination of what I believe. How bizarre it is to suggest that I haven’t offered a reason for believing the way I do. This site is a collection of HUNDREDS.


  11. Sirius,

    It might interest you to review my most recent comment on another of my links.


  12. SeriousSue Says:

    Nothing anyone says can get through to Sirius because he’s wearing the blinders of his faith. S/he shall not be swayed from his/her “true faith” because s/he is wearing the armor of a “true xtian.” In other words, s/he is intentionally ignorant and quite happy and proud to remain so. I noticed that s/he would ignore the fact that you answered his/her questions BEFORE s/he asked them, but then accused you of ignoring him/her. S/he said “My search led me back to orthodoxy. Authentic Christianity. Care for a definition? By orthodoxy I mean the sort of traditional Christianity believed, professed and practised by Christians who held to the basic tenets of the Apostle’s Creed as it has historically been understood.” Translation: I am in one of those freakish cults that is convinced that they are the only one out of thousands that knows the real meaning of words written 2000 years ago. This means there is no talking rationally to him/her.

    Now, stepping off my soapbox, I have one criticism, one suggestion, and one attaboy for DoubtingThomas.
    Criticism: It would be easier to read your stuff is you were a bit more careful of the spelling in the main articles. There were some spots where I was confused as to what word was missing or intended.
    Suggestion: Maybe switch from white/light text on the black/dark background to the other way around. My eyes kept wanting to cross, and it’s pretty well known in design circles that the combo you have is one of the hardest to read.
    Attaboy: ATTABOY DoubtingThomas for assembling the many facts spread throughout history into 1 source. Keep up the great work!!!

  13. SeriousSue Says:

    PS: I am not in one of those cults, Sirius is. ROFL Next time I will actually use the quotation marks I need to when they’re appropriate. LOL

  14. What an informative, if disgusting list of the many deaths caused by this one religion and the conflicts in beliefs. If there was a way to count all those deaths that occurred, how many do you think have died for this massive piece of fiction?

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